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Website design requires diligent planning, extensive research and a clear understanding of how your brand should be portrayed to your audience. When effectively completed a great dental website will help you build trust, credibility and clearly articulate the services you provide and why they should consider you as their next new dentist.

You have very little time to capture a website visitors attention, this is reflected in your google analytics account in the form of a bounce rate. The higher your bounce rate, the faster people are clicking out of your website. The menu structure, location and hero banner image should be compelling and give users enough reason to click onto other pages in your website or stay and read the information leading to a conversion in the form of a phone call, online booking or contact form completion.

You will find some tips for you to consider when building a website design for your practice:

What kind of website does your competitors have

Your competitors definitely shouldn’t dictate how your website is designed or how you should display images or content however understand how other dental practice owners are marketing themselves online can help you understand how you can differentiate yourself to add more value to your website visitors.

You may find that other dental websites are price focused which in most instances takes away from the value of treatment or the outcome after visiting a dentist – If you have strategies highlighting how cheap your check up and clean is you will generate patients however they may be less likely to take up the following treatment because they are more focused on price then having a bright, healthy smile.

If your competitors have that type of focus which is purely around price, it might be a good opportunity for you to focus on the value, the feeling you get after a check up and clean and create a brand that shows value and provides quality care instead of cheap dentistry.

As they say, you pay for what you get and if you pay peanuts – you get monkeys.

Photos connect you with your community

The right type of imagery will make a huge difference in the way you attract website visitors to call you. If you are a family dentist then a soft colour scheme banner image with a family in a background that emulates your local community will be the most authentic choice for you.

When you initiate a website design, you need to get professional team photos of your dentists, front-office, dental nurses and the practice. You also need to get hi resolution photos so when users are on their mobile device, tablet or desktop the images are not pixelated and look great.

Simple Website Navigation

A great dental website design needs to be responsive, so across all devices and platforms your website is easy to use on a mobile, tablet, desktop and the font size, images and buttons all interact as you need for each.

Your website also needs to load pages quickly to encourage a positive user experience and avoid a negative bounce rate. Your website should be designed in such a way that a user can call you quickly, find your location easily, see your reviews and understand your brand so when they do visit they have already built a connection to you practice

Invest time creating quality content

A great dental website has well structured unique content that outlines the benefits a patient can expect by visiting a new dentist. The type of content you create depends on the emotions a patient may be feeling when researching your website. For example, if a website visitor is on an emergency page on your website then sharing information about how you make an effort to make their visit pain-free in a safe, modern environment will be a comforting thought and encourage that person to choose that dental practice.

Appealing to peoples emotions needs to be apart of your content strategy so you can highlight the feelings they may experience once treatment is delivered however providing factual information around what is involved for certain dental services and what to expect is crucial.

Great website design helps your google rankings

Launching your website in conjunction with a local seo campaign is the key to giving your website visibility and rankings which allow your website to get more traffic and new patient leads.

Creating your website with google rankings in mind will give you a solid foundation of growth, this comes in the form of meta data, content, images and the content layout of a page.

Find a top rated website design company

There are a lot of DIY website options you could consider for your dental practice, the time consuming part of building a website is making sure that the content, images, colour scheme and sitemap all marry up well to ensure the outcome desired is reached.

A great dental website company will be able to effectively deliver a website design to convert more new patients and reflect your dental practice. Contact Smile and Grow to discuss your last website design company.

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