Basic SEO Strategies

Search engine optimisation is often a taboo topic amongst dental practice owners and is not fully understood. Dental seo is a complicated marketing strategy that is a multi tiered approach and when executed consistently with a strong strategy will ensure your dental practice appears at the very top of Google for your local area and specific treatments you offer.

There are some fundamental activities that fuel the success of an seo campaign, resulting in higher google rankings for your dental practice:

  1. Consistent Link Building – Building niche links for your brand authority, geographical relevance and services.
  2. Blog content – creating consistent content in the form of articles, or blogs helps engage your audience, shows google you are a relevant source of information for relevant topics and allows you to create internal links improving googles ability to crawl your website.
  3. On-page optimisation – This comes into play with the website design and creating a content layout with headings and meta data to trigger google to index your website based on relevant google searches being made.

Below are  some seo strategies to help you make the competition irrelevant in Google.

Analyse your competition

Understanding the level of competition and how active they are with their digital marketing plans is important and helps determine how aggressive your seo strategy should be. It also helps you set your expectations accurately.

If your dental practice is competing against 9 competitors in the same location and 3 of them have a strong seo strategy it will require a consistent strategy with more resources to catch up with rankings and get in front of them.

Through our dental seo analysis, we will discover your competitors best performing keywords, an insight into their social media strategies and importantly the back link profile. We then use these insights to further accelerate your seo strategy and get you in front faster.

On-page optimisation

On-page optimisation is where our specialist team create the websites structure to ensure google can easily pickup the sitemap and read the content on the pages. On page seo is a technical task that website developers usually deliver to ensure the right mix of code and design is used to gain website visibility. It’s also important to ensure page titles and descriptions are written with the correct character limit and are designed to convert people to click onto your website.

Below are some on page seo elements.

  • Meta Tags including titles, descriptions, headers and markups
  • Shortening URL’s making it easier for google to crawl
  • Including semantic keywords
  • Applying internal links
  • Adding alt tags into images to help improve visibility in google.

When your on page seo is configured  properly your website will generate more website traffic and improve the volume of new patient leads you receive.

Fresh unique content

Creating unique content consistently with alternating topics to focus on all facets of your dental practice, local community and keywords will help give you the best opportunity for your website to rank in google more prominently, particularly when the on page seo elements are added.

When you provide an audience with quality content, you are demonstrating that you are a source of value which translates into building trust in your brand.

Incorporate local seo

Local seo compliments your seo strategy and helps your practice improve its rankings in google maps which is a huge lead generation source for dental practices. Increased google reviews, content, images and posts need to be implemented to help improve these rankings.

Dental SEO Strategy

Every dentist should know the importance of Local SEO. When you include relevant information for your local seo, search engines will associate the correct location with your business and this won’t just work wonders in the rankings, but also increase the trust amongst website visitors because they will see you as a real establishment with a physical location. Here is a detailed SEO guide for dental practice to get a better idea.

If you need a dental seo agency to help your practice get to the top of Google fast then give Smile and Grow a call today.

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