Domain Management

Your Domain

Having an internet site with the right domain is the first step to inviting new and potential patients to your website and your practice. A domain is the unique web address that allows access to your dental website. As a dental marketing company, we can help you choose a distinctive address to represent you and your brand.

Create Your Website

After you have come up with a unique website name to represent your practice, you will need to add an extension so it can become a true and accessible website. Extensions include .com, .net, .co, and more targeted domains such as or, which are specific to Australia. The extension plus your website name creates the domain name that connects your webpage to the internet. 

We will help you check availability for your selected domain and help you register once it’s created.

Managing Your Domain

To make the most of your online presence, you will need domain management that can meet all the hosting needs for your dental website. Creating a website is just the first step. Our domain management services will put the work into your website so you can get the most out of it.

Once you have registered your domain, our management services will help you with your website design, security, and long-term hosting needs.As a leading dental marketing company, we know what your website needs to bring in more business. We want to make sure your marketing campaign is a success.

Our Services

We provide all the services that keep your website up to date and running smoothly.

Web Management

We host and manage your domain to the highest standards. After you have successfully created a domain, it is time to manage the site and its content. Through web management, we manage traffic, keep your site updated, and make sure it’s at maximised performance and speed.

Development and Design

You can develop content and design your dental website with the help of our website design experts. We provide you with specialised themes and tools to make your brand stand out.

Personalised Email

As a part of your branding, your dental practice will need a personalised email extension. This will allow you and your staff to have a professional email address specific to your office.


Our main goal is for you to have a website that attracts new patients through SEO. We keep your domain in the forefront through Google Ads and make sure your Google My Business listing is always up to date. 


Maintaining a website long-term comes with security and privacy concerns that must be managed constantly. It is our priority that your domain is always secure for you and for anyone who clicks into your site.

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