4 Dental Marketing Strategies Your Practice Needs

With competition growing and the demand for dentistry increasing you need to have proactive strategies to generate new patients and importantly retain your active patient list.

You might be the best dentist, you may have a great location and you may have invested a great deal in the latest equipment to reduce downtime, improve treatments and increase the services you offer BUT if you aren’t putting your dental practice in front of your local community you won’t ben generating as many new patients as you could.

We have provided a true 4 Step Guide with proven marketing strategies your practice needs to implement.

Along with this guide, you can review our case studies here where we have been generating on average 72 new patient leads per month through digital marketing.

1 – A Great Website Designed For High Conversions

Creating a new website to convert more new patients is fairly obvious however the approach, strategy and process used often determines the success of a website. There are a variety of website designers out there who provide template websites, custom websites and everything in between.

Websites are often seen as a requirement by a Dentist, but the degree of importance is often not recognised – If you have a great dental website you will be able to get in front of your competitors in Google and generate more new patients.

If you have a simple website, with very little content, no reviews and no genuine photos to build a connection with your local community then you may get traffic to the website, but the traffic is less likely to convert into new patient leads.

Use Google Analytics to understand the CTR (click through ratio) you are achieving and advanced tracking to deliver solutions from these insights to increase your conversion rates.

Jump online type in “dentist + your location” and have a look at the websites that are appearing toward the top of the results – Ask yourself – would you trust this practice? do you know how many reviews they have and if they should be trusted? What health funds do they accept?

These questions will help you reverse engineer some improvements into your own website

2 – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation is the work invested into your website to increase visibility for keywords to help you generate more website traffic. When you dental seo is performing at its peak you will see a huge volume of new patient leads being generated.

You can use the google keyword planner to identify search volumes for particular keywords, this will help you understand the market opportunity and guide you on creating content and links to build rankings for the best keywords.

SEO is a long term investment and seeing consistent improvement is an absolute must, so if you’re investing in SEO and your getting a bunch of excuses as to why you’re not number 1 and your seo reporting doesn’t help you understand what has been achieved then give you team a call so we can show you how your seo campaign can be improved.

3 – Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

With mobile searches rapidly overtaking desktop searches, you absolutely must have a mobile friendly website. Now, if you’re not sure if your website is mobile friendly then grab your phone and type in your website address and see for yourself.

You should be able to click on a call button which then directly calls your dental practice, you should also be able to click on your map and then take me to directions to get to your practice

Our dental website team create high converting dental websites with mobile devices in mind so we can make your patients have the best experience with your brand online.

4- Google Adwords

Google adwords is a great dental marketing strategy that helps your practice website get to the top of Google searches for particular services and locations you choose. Creating quality ad copy is the catalyst for success and will determine the efficacy and return on investment for your Google Ads campaign.

Pap Per Click advertising should form a holistic marketing plan and will be a new patient lead generator.

We recommend using advanced tracking to help you understand the true ROI your dental adwords campaign is generating, our call tracking helps you understand if new patient leads turn into new patients.

Here at Smile & Grow we specialise in delivering proven dental marketing strategies for practice owners so they can focus on growing their business and serving their patients. If you need help implementing a dental marketing plan then book in a free consultation.

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