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As a trusted dental marketing agency based in Melbourne, our dental online marketing experts have been creating strategies to help practices grow in competitive areas, improve front office processes and increase conversion rates from new patient leads to converted patients. 

Melbourne, like Australia as a whole, has an abundance of dental practices. That doesn’t mean you can’t rise above the competition in your local area, though. Our dental marketing melbourne team will evaluate the competition in your area, create a marketing strategy in line with your business goals, whether you have 1 chair, or 5 chairs we can help scale your business.

At Smile and Grow, we make digital marketing agency for Australian dental practices simple. We prioritise high-value campaigns, transparency in reporting, and tactics that convert potential patients to regular appointments.

You most likely didn’t expect to study dentistry, then need to manage a digital marketing campaign on the side. Luckily, that’s where we come in. Our expert dental marketing team knows the dental industry inside and out. You can trust us to help your dental practice grow.

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Qualified leads perform Google searches for a dental clinic in Australia every day. But if your practice has relied solely on word-of-mouth recommendations or print advertising, these possible patients may not even know your dental office exists.

You need more than a website to rank highly in search engines, but you’ve got your hands full running your business and caring for your patients. That’s why it’s so critical to choose a dental marketing company that can leverage your skills, expertise, and reliable care online.

At Smile and Grow, we work with you to create results through proven dental marketing practices. You can count on us to implement tried-and-true marketing strategies that generate leads, improve the quality and number of patients, and result in a positive ROI every month.

We’ve worked with countless Australian clients to achieve sustainable, long-term company growth. If you’re ready to get more leads and grow your dental practice in Melbourne, contact us today for a free consultation.

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Comprehensive Dental Marketing Services in Melbourne

Our dental marketing experts melbourne offer a comprehensive range of marketing services to help dental practices succeed. If online marketing feels like another language to you, don’t worry. Our advertising and content marketing specialists partner with your practice to implement, manage, and track campaigns.

Simply put, we handle the details so you can focus on your patients. Achieve more with our team and enjoy done-for-you marketing services, such as:

More than likely, you’ve heard of SEO and even have somewhat of an understanding of the concept. However, many dentistry professionals feel that SEO is either too complicated or won’t work for them.

In reality, dental SEO in Melbourne can make or break your digital marketing efforts. An optimised website, quality web pages, and a content strategy will help your company rise above the competition and get in front of new patients faster.

At Smile and Grow, our SEO experts team will perform in-depth keyword research, audit your website, and implement best practices to ensure that leads see your website before your competition

Also known as pay-per-click, Google AdWords campaigns work to attract new patients through search engine advertising.

While the theory sounds simplistic, the implementation requires a great deal of technical knowledge. Luckily, our team can handle the challenge. As proud Google AdWords partners, we work to target new leads using location, keyword research, and demographics to help you rise to the top of search engine rankings – and outrank your market competitors.

Whether you want to focus on driving more patients through your doors, selling dental implants, Invisalign, or veneers, or achieving another business goal, our team will design and implement high-quality sales funnels to target your ideal patient.

Believe it or not, your clients are looking for you on social media. Our dental marketing experts will build a social media strategy to target your audience, increase leads, and connect with patients through engaging content, influencer outreach, video platforms, and other tactics.

In many cases, clients will get their first impression of your dental practice through your website. A beautifully designed, optimised website is key to increasing patient enquiries and driving clients through your doors.

Our in-house web design team for dentists will audit and rebuild your website to your specifications. We will include services and other critical information, then implement SEO practices to boost Google rankings.

Tracking and recording phone calls provide dental practices with valuable insights on client conversions. Not only will you understand exactly where your clients come from, but you can also improve administrative staff scripts, train your employees in phone-based sales, and provide better service to your patients.
Many dentists avoid online dental marketing for a few reasons:

At Smile and Grow, we make transparency our priority. As the leading dental marketing service in Melbourne, we implement tried-and-true campaign tactics and hands-on services for growth.

While other Australian dental marketing companies can say the same thing, we know they aren’t able to back up their claims. Our team will happily walk you through each step before beginning your campaign, then provide you with detailed reports every month. You will know exactly what we’ve done, how we did it, and how your business will gain from our services.

We know how dentists work and we know what patients want. Contact us today at 1300 797 117 for a free consultation and personalised dental marketing plan.

Get a Free Marketing Checkup at Simle & Grow

Your practice needs professional dental marketing from an agency with a proven track record. At Smile and Grow, we provide full-service dental marketing management in Australia.

Even if you’ve implemented a dental SEO plan and marketing strategy for your business, our proven dental marketing methods can help drive more patients into your clinic. To get started, we offer each client a free Dental Marketing Check-up.

We’ll audit your website, assess your local markets and area competitors, and search for the gaps in your marketing strategy. Then, we’ll craft a comprehensive plan to help you boost your dental business in Melbourne.

Book a free consultation with our team at Smile and Grow, the leading dental marketing agency in Australia, today!

The Benefits of Choosing A local Dental Marketing Agency in Melbourne

At Smile and Grow, we focus on providing comprehensive marketing strategies for dentists, by dentists. We understand the dental industry, how to get new patients, and the struggles and frustrations of opening a dentist’s office in Melbourne.

If you’re looking for an expert dental marketing team in Australia, look no further. Our team offers:

We make it easy to attract ideal patients to your practice. For more information on our services, simply dial 1300 797 117 to book a free, no-obligation dental marketing consultation today.

Trust the Experts at Smile and Grow for Dental Marketing in Melbourne

Operating a dental practice in Australia isn’t easy, and online marketing can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re working within an oversaturated industry and you’ve got a packed schedule.

You could continue to rely on client referrals, or you could call our team at Smile and Grow. We take the hassle out of dental marketing in Melbourne. For more information on our services or to request a consultation, give us a call today at 1300 797 117.

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