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Wouldn’t it be great if your patients’ gorgeous smiles and enthusiastic word of mouth alone brought in future clients? While no doubt being a good dentist guarantees repeat business, that isn’t enough to stand out in a local area with a lot of competition. When potential patients can choose from any number of dentists, what makes them choose you?

If you look closely at successful dental practices around Australia, you’ll find that those who rise above the competition embrace digital marketing. At Smile and Grow, we understand that dentist marketing agency is a word and a strategy that makes some people uncomfortable. That’s why we do it for you so that you can focus on providing professional dental care.

We guarantee that our dental marketing Brisbane team have techniques that will shape your practice growth and allow you to scale your business. Our online dental marketing experts consists of dental clinic owners, just like you, who know what it’s like to run a dental practice. We pride ourselves on combining creative ideas that enable you to engage with new patients on Google and social media and form meaningful, sustainable relationships.

Get your free dental marketing checkup today, and smile as you watch your Brisbane dental practice grow.

Your Trusted Dental Marketing Agency in Bespoke

Let’s face it: When new patients want to find local dental services, they hop on Google or ask their friends and family to recommend someone. But Google operates using a complicated algorithm and a variety of digital tools. It’s a little like speaking another language. Even if you’re reluctant about marketing your dental practice, being passive about your online presence leaves you lost in the crowd.

At Smile and Grow, our team has more than 12 years of experience developing email campaigns and SEO campaigns using analytic reports and keywords that rank our clients at the top of search engines. We specialize in dental marketing Brisbane services that have helped dentists from Melbourne to Sydney grow into the leading dental practices in their areas.

we generate more new patients by providing the following services to dental practice owners

We offer website design and website development that engages potential patients with valuable information about your services, plus maximizes the chances of converting visitors into new patients.

Maybe your practice needs a revamp of its dental branding & strategy and logo design, or perhaps when a user lands on your website, something about the overall look sends them clicking elsewhere.

Our team specializes in graphics and user-interface design so that your website has a natural, intuitive flow. We’ll also ensure that it attracts potential patients with a clean, uncluttered interface, easy-to-find buttons and menus, and quicker loading speed on mobile applications.

Without proper marketing, even the most professional dental website marketing won’t guarantee that clients find you. Simply advertising on TV or in print publications isn’t enough anymore. That’s why we also provide Search Engine Optimisation and local SEO dentistry, so that potential patients conveniently can find your Brisbane dental practice in a Google search.

If that sounds so complicated as to give you a toothache, don’t worry. We also have other ways to attract potential patients, such as a content marketing strategy, email marketing, Brisbane mobile marketing strategies, and social media marketing, including managing Google Ads campaigns.

Just like brushing and flossing are the foundation of good dental care, proper dental online marketing is the basis for a successful dental business. It increases your internet visibility, helps your dental business outshine the competition, and enables you to receive a steady stream of patients each month.

Imagine keeping your practice top of mind for those back-to-school cleanings. Other campaigns we develop could rank your clinic among the top dentists that patients think of when they want teeth whitening or Invisalign to look their best for a new job or a social event such as their wedding day.

We don’t believe in establishing a marketing strategy and then forgetting about it. It takes regular maintenance and adjustment, for instance, tweaking Google Adwords for specific campaigns and solutions. If something’s not working, why spend the time and money repeating it?

Our reputation management tools, online presence analysis, and other services give your dental social media marketing a regular checkup. We also provide call tracking capability to understand how your front office consistently handles calls to convert these leads into customers and overall better service.

Free Checkup With Our Digital Marketing For Dentists In Brisbane

Just as dental patients need a regular checkup, so does the marketing and social media methods that you’ve established for your business. True, it’s not the same as spotting cavities, but faulty social media or marketing techniques keep your practice from looking its best, just someone whose smile has grown dingy after years of drinking caffeine.

Even if you realize that the success of your practice depends on establishing relationships that bring back existing patients while attracting new ones, you might not know where your current dental marketing strategies fail. We’re glad to offer a free Dental Marketing Checkup to identify gaps in your marketing techniques and establish winning methods to generate leads.

Our proven digital dental marketing methods have helped dentists throughout Australia achieve particular goals for their practice using:

Market Assessment

The dental market in Brisbane is different from that in Melbourne or Sydney. Before you launch a dental marketing campaign or stake out your territory online, you need to understand who your ideal patients are and what they’re looking for in a local dental office. What services does your competition provide? Are there any solutions that your dental clinic provides that other offices don’t?

Website Audit

Does your website have the proper tools to generate traffic and convert that into leads? We’ll analyze your site’s dental SEO so that you can see what keywords are attracting potential patients to your business. In addition to improving your dental SEO Brisbane to meet your traffic goals, we’ll check out your site’s design to ensure that it’s usable and displays well across social media and mobile devices.

Marketing Opportunities

Your most successful competitors likely have marketing strategies that put them on top. We’ll look at the other dental practices in Brisbane and evaluate their strategies and discuss how you can implement some of their techniques to grow your business as well. If you’re one of the few local practices that offer a particular cosmetic dental treatment, for instance, that’s something to tout.

Why Choose Smile and Grow as Your Dental Marketing Agency

At Smile and Grow, we understand how to make your dental practice stand out because we’re dental clinic owners, too. Yes, running a dental practice is a business, but we understand that your main goal is providing a valuable service to people in Brisbane who need dental care. The key is to align your marketing with your dental services so that you don’t feel pushy or shady.

X-raying what works

We drill down to the outcome of your advertising and other strategies, so you can spend your money to promote your practice wisely. With our help, you’ll be able to identify trends that attract patients to your website and your business. We’ll also help your office staff enhance their opportunities to fill your books.

An eye on results

Unlike other dentist marketing agencies, our experienced dental marketing  experts focuses on the new patients that various techniques bring into a dental practice, not the number of clicks that, say, Google Adwords generates in a particular month.

Turning up the interest

If you provide cosmetic treatments such as dental implants, Smile Makeover, Invisalign, and whitening treatments, we’ll help increase patient awareness and desirability through strategic sales funnels to attract patients interested in these dental services.
Our case studies and testimonials speak to our agency’s success around Australia in better connecting dental practices with current and prospective patients. One practice reports seeing patient growth month upon month — so much that they’ve had to hire a second dentist!

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Smile and Grow is proud to be a dental marketing agency serving the unique needs of dentists who want to grow their practices throughout Australia.

Don’t leave your marketing to a simple website and the whims of Google. We’re glad to consult with you about how to heighten awareness of your business and achieve your professional goals, whether it’s booking more patients each month or increasing your sales of Invisalign and other treatments.

Our proven techniques and marketing solutions can help your dental practice stand out from the pack. Trust Smile and Grow to get to know your company, your current and prospective patients, and how to establish your business as a leading dental clinic in Brisbane.

Sign up today for your free Dental Marketing Checkup, or please phone us at 1300 797 117 to speak to a courteous and knowledgeable member of our marketing team. We’re here to make your practice grow and help you smile.

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