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Even if your website ranks #1 on a local search, patients will still move on if there isn’t enough positive feedback. These days, Google reviews for dentists are better than word-of-mouth advertising. Smile & Grow is a reputation management company with experience exclusively in the world of dental practices. We aim to help you grow the number of positive reviews you receive online. At the same time, we will help you strategically handle negative feedback as quickly as possible.

Manage All Your Reviews In One Place

We’ll Handle the Reviews So You Can Focus On Your Practice

There’s no end to places people can leave an online review after their dental visit. Your Google My Business page is the first place most potential patients will check. Other popular review spots are Yelp, Reddit, and Facebook. We monitor your reviews across all accounts so you can thank patients for positive feedback and address problems before they do any damage.

Reputationmanagement is an integral part of your overall online marketing efforts. Without positive feedback from your customers, how would anyone know they can trust your brand? Managing your online reviews is a job in and of itself, so let us handle the process for you.

Manage All Your Google Reviews In One Place

Maintain a Positive Reputation

A dentist’s review is one of the strongest pieces of marketing material available. In a day when people rely on reviews to know where to find quality in every aspect of their lives, maintaining a positive and authoritative presence is essential.

Respond To Negativity

You’ll inevitably get negative feedback from time to time. The important thing is to address any negative reviews and work to resolve the issue with the patient, so they will be happy to update their review and others can see that you tried.

Get New Patients

People prefer online reviews even to personal recommendations these days. Why? Because many positive reviews from dozens of patients help them feel secure in choosing you for their dental visit. Take advantage of your online reviews.

Show Personality

Getting personal with your responses to reviews shows your patients that you care. Even setting up an automated reply based on the feedback is better than nothing. Taking the time to customise your response will go a long way in gaining the trust of your patients.

Share Positive Reviews

When a patient leaves you a glowing review, you practically have to share it. You can do this via social media and testimonials on your website. We will help you keep track of reaching out to your patients by asking them to leave a review about their dental care visits.

Trust Us With Your Online Reputation

Here at Smile & Grow , we understand the importance of properly handling patient reviews. Learn more about how we can help when you schedule a consultation with us.

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