Plan And Set Your Marketing Objectives

Setting dental marketing objectives help to formulate the direction of your business. It is the core of any marketing strategy but like any business, and the purpose of your marketing strategy is to communicate your dental services to users and customers, with an objective to grow your leads. This is an example of a goal, […]

Tips To Manage A Marketing Budget

Managing a marketing budget takes experience. Understanding and identifying any loopholes in your strategy comes with time and growth. The first thing that springs to mind when formalizing a marketing strategy is affordability. It is natural to ask the question: Is this affordable? Ultimately, when formalizing a dental marketing strategy, it first must be solid […]

How To Attract New Patients Regularly

You have got a strong patient portfolio and your patients are delighted with your service. That’s great news! Although, this doesn’t mean its mission accomplished. When it comes to marketing your dental practice to attract new patients, the most important tip to remember is sustainability. Your marketing strategy should be designed to attract new patients […]

Tips To Attract High-Value Patients

Your patient base is your bread and butter for a successful dental practice. Dedicating a quality service to your patients shouldn’t simply be to increase your bottom line, but because you want to increase your patient portfolio and ensure they keep coming back. Think of it like this, if you serve your patients thinking about […]

Ways To Increase Your Patient Portfolio

Dentist welcoming patients to the practice

Patients are a key driver to your success. Of course, you’re always finding yourself thinking of effective methods to increase your patient portfolio. Sometimes, it’s not how you can introduce new patients to your practice, but how can you keep them for the long term. Prospective patients are more than happy to visit different dental […]

Misleading Myths About Dental Marketing

How to improve dental marketing

Dental marketing is seen as an essential component for a successful dental business. For many dental practices, marketing isn’t a natural skill for them, and they need to place trust in marketing teams to deliver an effective strategy. Just because as a dentist you’re not very knowledgable on dental marketing, it doesn’t mean that you […]

Marketing Tips To Beat The Competition

Branded Marketing

No matter the industry, competition is fierce, but none more so than in dentistry. Significant challenges and disadvantages are always presented in the face of dental marketing, and marketing misconceptions make it more difficult for dentists. Although, in order to be successful, you need to get around them. This is the process of evolving your […]

How Dental Marketing Can Grow Your Practice

How Dental Marketing Can Grow Your Practice Exponentially The dental industry has always been quite competitive, you usually have 2-3 dentists in any one suburb and the larger suburbs typically have 4-6 dental practices. With many different dental practices to choose from, what makes a potential patient select a particular dental practice depends on many […]

Top 3 Dental Marketing Strategies

Top 3 Dental Marketing Strategies In this new generation, word of mouth is no longer the superior marketing strategy. It is no doubt still an important channel to get your dental practice known to new patients, but it is no longer the primary channel. Times have changed so much that more and more people are […]

Five Ways To Ask Dental Patients For Reviews


What is the first thing that people check when they’re interested in visiting a service website? Reviews! As a front-line dentist, the last thing that is on your mind is whether patients leave an online review. However, there is much to gain from, no matter whether it’s positive or negative. Yes, a negative review is […]