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Whether you practice general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, or more specialised techniques, a high-converting website design is essential to your dental marketing strategy. Dental websites need to consider a patient’s needs and how they feel about visiting the dentist – especially if they have a dental emergency – and put them at ease.

For some visitors, that might mean finding the clinic’s location and contact information easily. Others might want to read through reviews to learn more about the dentist’s professional background and area of practice. Still others might want to know the pricing for some services and what to expect when they walk through the door.

Even if there are dozens of dental practices in your area, yours has qualities that make it unique. Our marketing team at Smile and Grow includes dentists just like you who know how to stand out in a crowded field. We drill down into what makes your practice special, then reflect that in custom-designed dental websites that make dental practices shine online and draw in more new patients.

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Custom Dental Website Design to Suit Your Practice and Style

Just like healthy teeth make a brilliant first impression, the website for your dental practice puts your best foot forward – at least it should. That said, dental websites that attract new patients and boost current patient confidence don’t need to include lots of flashy graphics. Thirty seconds of natural yet quality video can appeal to a visitor much more than a dozen stock photos. So can great content.

Any online visitor appreciates a fresh, clean design with the logo for a dental practice and appropriate branding. The best dental websites also keep the user in mind with a menu and buttons that are easy to navigate, whether on desktops, laptops, or mobile devices.

Most importantly, your dental website doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Your current website design might check all the boxes as far as visual appeal, but if it doesn’t have the keywords to rank high in a Google search or on social media, you won’t be top of mind. If your content doesn’t support the goals for your practice, you’ll never attract the patients that you want.

Our website design team have created a wide range of dental websites that have enabled high conversion rates through google ads, SEO and sales funnel campaigns through social media. When a user lands on your website, this is your opportunity to show them who you are, why they should choose your practice instead of the 3-4 others in your local area.
This is where a consultation with our team can help you understand whats required to build a beautiful website that showcases your dental practice professionally making visitors feel immediately comfortable with you. You should plan to build a website with a content and marketing strategy so when you launch the website you can attract visitors straight away

How Our Website Marketing Works

Your website tells new visitors who you are and why they should choose your dental practice. We help you make that crucial connection to convert people browsing online into new patients who book appointments.

How? We start with analysis. Our website design team has conducted more than 90 SEO campaigns and more than 140 analytic reports for dental professionals. We X-ray what works to help us create some of the best dental websites for a variety of specialties, bringing in visitors through Google Ads, sales funnels, and SEO.

For instance:

What Do Visitors Like?

We can study where a visitor clicks on our popular website designs, whether that’s an “About Us” page for one office or more details about family dentistry on another. Perhaps some clients like to browse through photos or videos, especially if they want to learn more about a root canal or other service. However, we don’t pile on more of what our analysis shows people ignore.

Zooming in on Visuals

Our website design pros balance art with science. Dentists want a professional, modern look throughout a website site that speaks to the services they provide, as well as their expertise.

If a dental practice is known for a particular hue of blue in its advertising, that’s fine. Yet name recognition or a particular colour palette don’t bring in new patients. We examine the location, size, and colour of all the buttons on your dentistry website, as well as the layout and the menu structure. That helps ensure that the design is intuitive and flows naturally, helping visitors find answers quickly.

We’ll also look at the big picture. We’ll work with you on in-practice photographs so that your site has appealing visuals. We’ll also ensure that your website coordinates with your other social media marketing, such as a Facebook business profile

A Heightened Tone and Focus

Whether your focus is family dentistry, general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, or another specialty, your website should be clear about your brand and services. The best dental websites are modern, warm, and inviting. There’s nothing flashy to distract from your professionalism, your message, and your customer service.

That’s why we pay careful attention to design aesthetics, including fonts and the strategic use of photos. We also craft website content that answers visitors’ questions and enhances your brand. A local family dentist might promote tips on putting children at ease during their first cleaning while a cosmetic dental practice might discuss the best way to care for dental implants.

Converting Visitors into Patients

No matter how attractive your website looks, it doesn’t serve a purpose if it doesn’t land you among the top Google rankings when someone searches for a local dentist. Dental practices still advertise on billboards and TV, but it’s foolish to ignore the convenience of searching online.

We’ll help you identify the optimised keywords for your content so that Google’s meticulous algorithms will help new visitors find your practice using several search terms. We’ll also ensure that your site loads quickly on a variety of devices – desktop, laptop, and mobile – so that visitors don’t become impatient and click away while they’re waiting for answers.

Our entire team benefits from the experience of working in our dental practices and understanding the concerns of patients. We put those unique insights into making technology work for you through SEO, targeted web pages, and other marketing techniques.

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Some FAQs About Dental Website

We understand that you might have some additional questions about how we build new dental sites or revamp existing websites. Here are a few FAQs that we’ve encountered over our dozen years of business. Because we develop a targeted design plan and marketing strategy for each client’s practice, you are sure to have specific concerns. A team member will be glad to speak with you in greater depth about developing a new website for your practice. Just call (02) 9046 8484.

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