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Dental SEO is one of the strongest marketing strategies to generate growth in your practice. Search Engine Optimisation also known as SEO. SEO for Dental Practices requires take time to mature, so whilst investing in a dental seo campaign we often encourage practices to consider a Google Ads strategy to compliment the strategy and deliver faster results whilst the SEO campaign is growing the background.

At Smile & Grow, we focus in providing you with the top google rankings in your area, whilst also building strategies to appear for services like veneers, emergencies, implants and other related searches patients are searching for.

Dental SEO Agency

Improve Your Online Visibility with SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) can transform your online presence and bring you more patients. We take pride in our quality dental SEO content and the creative work we deliver, and most of all in the results we achieve for our dentists and healthcare providers.

Our dental SEO professionals keep up with the latest trends in search engines, local SEO for dentists, Google Analytics, and digital marketing campaigns. We want to offer the best results to our clients in terms of dental websites, blogs, and optimised content.

Dental SEO

On-Page Optimisation

We’ll prepare a comprehensive SEO plan and implement the most effective campaigns to ensure the best possible results. Let us convert your website visitors into satisfied patients and bring your site to a top 10 ranking.

SEO Dental Blog Content

Sometimes, our clients expert to gain organic results overnight, but SEO works over time. The dental market is competitive, and organically generating the visitors, appointments, and revenue you want requires the constant creation of new, optimised content.

SEO Consultation

During our initial meeting, we’ll talk about your dental marketing goals, patient demographics, and potential website features. We’ll explain how we can help through the implementation of:

Organic Website Marketing

Search engine optimisation is all about helping your website rank higher on the search engine result page (SERP) of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other engines. All new content will aim to:

Patient Engagement

The higher the ranking, the better your chances of attracting new patients to your site, generating clicks, and driving conversions. We will increase overall patient engagement through:

dental SEO Consultation

You don’t have to rely on expensive ads to drive traffic to your website. Invest in SEO services by Smile & Grow to take advantage of organic marketing. Learn more about SEO by booking a free consultation.

Choose A Trusted SEO Agency

When you trust us to be your Dental SEO partner, you can expect to:

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Running a successful local business in today’s competitive market isn’t easy, and dental care clinics aren’t an exception. Whether you want to rank as a “dentist near you,” “best orthodontist,” or “affordable oral surgeon,” you need appropriate SEO agencies with a proven track record to help you in the SEO process. So, why should dentists hire digital marketing experts to help with ranking, content writing, and attracting visitors?

Well, agencies that specialise in dentist SEO marketing are familiar with the latest digital marketing trends in the dental industry, know the most important ranking factors, and excel in competitor analysis.

Smile & Grow is the first choice for local dental care offices that want to optimise their online presence and visibility, focus on attracting quality leads, and generate more new patients. With a combination of in-depth marketing analysis, creative ideas, and impressive SEO knowledge, we will help you rank on the first page of Google and other search engines, improving your visibility and encouraging more patient interaction.

Implementing SEO for dentists and searching for keywords is something we excel at, and our list of past successful projects is one way to prove it. Let us identify your unique selling points, show why you are better than your competitors, and grow your revenue. Here is why you should hire us to help you grow your health or dental care practice:


Hiring an agency to help with site rankings, page speed, and other marketing services is time and cost-effective. If you can no longer afford to spend time on optimising your company website, advertising your clinic, and want to focus on your existing and new patients instead, we can take the pressure off your shoulders. Our fees are honest, cost-effective, and of course, correspond to your needs and budget.

At Smile & Grow , we understand that dentist SEO is a crucial investment to continually drive new business to your practice, so we try to keep our service as economical as possible.

The fees can vary depending on several factors, for example, site optimisation, internal or external linking, marketing needs, and website design requirements.

High Experience in SEO and Digital Advertising

Since you are interested in investing in digital marketing for your practice, you want a professional company with high knowledge of SEO and organic search results.

How many patients are looking for a dentist nearby? How many pages do you want for your new website? We are here to answer all of your questions and ease the stress of the marketing process. With our extensive knowledge in dental SEO, we ensure the health and dental care clinics reach more patients, perform better on Google for specific services, and enjoy user-friendly and mobile-friendly sites.

Without SEO, almost no one will be able to find your web pages because searchers rarely go beyond the first page of results. So, depend on our team for optimising your web data and benefit from our high marketing experience.

Custom Marketing Plans

No two dental offices should have the same marketing plans. Local businesses that separate from their competitors have unique selling points, and that is what people like to see. For example, when a potential patient searches on the internet looking for a dentist in your city, they want to see a mobile-friendly site, educational content, accurate reviews, and modern design. They don’t want to browse for hours or review various popular pages to find the dentist they need.

People today rely on Google and the ranking list, so if you are on the first page and have an excellent site design with quality content, you have better chances to be the dentist of choice.

We understand that custom marketing plans matter in how you rank on Google. We’ll consider various ranking factors, optimise your site copy, and focus on the best SEO methods to put you higher on Google.

We Focus on Dental-Specific Processes

Our past dental experience and industry roots are responsible for our efficient service. We have the best tools for research and keyword rankings and can recommend the right keywords for your website based on popularity and search volume.

The goal is to ensure your website is accessible to all mobile and desktop users, improve your page load, add more links to your site, and increase your revenue.

Our SEO team understands that dental patients want information fast; therefore, we ensure the website is easy-to-navigate for desktop and mobile users, has appropriate content and keyword phrases, and loads quickly on all devices.

Before we start with your dental website or discuss the importance of Google Maps optimisation, we want to understand the background of your dental clinic. While our goal is to strengthen your practice’s presence on search engines with SEO for dentists, it is also our job to present you in the best way possible. Whether you specialise in teeth whitening or oral surgery, we will highlight your services to encourage new and existing patients to book appointments.

We understand that there’s more to dentistry than membership in the Australian Dental Association or ADA, so before creating your digital marketing plan that will get your search engine rankings moving, we will:

  • Research the best ways for new patients to discover your dental care practice
  • Analyse the current search results and best strategies to rank on multiple search engines
  • Find out how prospective patients search for dental practices in your city and which keywords they use (for example, cheap teeth whitening, best family dentist, best teeth removal dentist)
  • Uncover the common questions potential patients ask
  • Find out how your office meets users’ needs better than anyone else at your address or in the area
  • Review what new patients need to feel secure and confident to call your dental clinic first
  • Audit your competitors’ online dental SEO marketing to determine ways to stand out
  • Perform link building to attract new clients or associates
  • Answer to all of your questions regarding mobile-friendly website designs, keyword rankings, SEO trends, and provide you with helpful tips

At Smile & Grow, we continually enhance client sites with unique content, graphics, and images that is all optimised under SEO best practices. As your business evolves, we continue to review and maintain your dental website, implementing various SEO strategies. In addition, we work with you to develop custom strategies to grow your practice.

Having a social media presence is crucial these days. When dental practice owners come to us for dental SEO services, we always say that quality SEO is a complete package focusing on a beautiful website, optimised content, Google ads, and social media.

Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are excellent platforms to increase local searches and rank for dental search terms that describe your practice and dental speciality. In addition, our online marketing experts can provide you with a step-by-step guide on what to post on Facebook or Instagram or offer complete account management services.

If you want to focus on your practice as most dentists do, we advise you to consider our social marketing management services. Our expertise goes further than creating posts and sharing them with your followers.

We first conduct thorough research, do professional analysis, and use keyword research tools like Google Search Console and Open Site Explorer to determine the best phrases for your industry. Then, we integrate this research into an effective strategy that creates engaging social media content.

Whether you are a new dentist in town or run an older dental clinic, it is crucial to have a strong local online presence. With a locally-focused dental marketing strategy, you can target a specific audience and build trust among the people in your neighbourhood and community. We will focus on your city and determine the most appropriate keywords to attract local searchers and visitors.

Through Google My Business, you can list your NAP info, including:

  • Your business name
  • Practice address
  • Business hours
  • Local phone number
  • Postal code
  • Customer reviews
  • Business page or website
  • And more

In addition, we can provide you with original content of 100-120 words to post on your GMB page with keywords that can help you increase authority, grow credibility, and rank high on search result pages. The posts can also contain information about your dental services, any special deals you are promoting, the benefits of visiting your practice, and photos and videos of your company and staff.

We’ll use all the tricks in the books to ensure successful conversions, more online bookings, and more phone calls. Your GMB page ensures that your dental practice appears on Google Map searches, making it quick and easy for new patients to find your offices.

People click on the first websites and blogs they see on Google, so you can probably assume how critical high search engine ranking is for your business. They will visit the first three-five dental businesses they see on the search engine results page and select the dental practice based on website information, mobile-friendly design, educative content, and customer reviews.

There are multiple things your dental SEO package can include to rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs). When local dental care practices look for SEO for dentists, we discuss several options and develop a digital marketing strategy that satisfies their needs and budget.

Here is what our dental SEO strategy includes:

  • Local SEO for dentists
  • On-page optimisation
  • Metadata, meta description, page title, and backlinks
  • Website content, blog content
  • Social media account management

Your on-page optimisation will include optimising alt tags, internal links, titles, subtitles, HTML codes, and more. In addition, we’ll add relevant keywords throughout a specific page (About Me page, Service page, or My Team page) and direct searchers to the information they need.

While specific keywords enhance your Google rankings, they also boost website traffic, improve doctor-patient trust, and increase the chances of turning an average patient into a paying customer. We have a proven track record of helping local dental practices increase their online visibility and gain more organic traffic.

People believe that dentists in top positions are better, and Google thinks so too. So, let us give our best SEO efforts to ensure qualified leads, more visitors to your website, and new dental appointments. If you were searching for an SEO team that can do it all, rest assured you’ve found the right one.

At Smile & Grow, we understand that the dental industry consists of various types of dentists. Our dental search engine optimisation agency customises the strategies and plans to suit your speciality. If your specific dental specialty is not on the list, don’t hesitate to contact us, as our experts can certainly help.

Dental SEO Services for Cosmetic Dentists

We will create custom websites and engaging content for cosmetic dentists and cosmetic dental surgeons to help reach new patients. We customise our responsive and modern websites for dental practices of various sizes. We can also add a blog where you can talk about your brand, share current and future projects, review your expertise, and share what differentiates you from the competition.

Our team understands that cosmetic dentistry is growing in popularity; therefore, the competition is high. Rest assured, we will give our best efforts to promote your professional teeth whitening services, veneers, dental implants, and other services while showing your patients why your practice is the best choice for them to improve the appearance of their smiles.

Allow our team of SEO experts to lead your business toward online success and provide you with more opportunities to bring your dental clinic to the top.

SEO Dentistry for Endodontists

Endodontists don’t have time to look for relevant keywords, title tags, or meta descriptions to help them rank higher on Google’s search results. Our dental marketing experts are here to take care of that while allowing you to focus on your practice and patients.

The endodontist websites we design will educate the patients on root canal treatments, review the benefits of the dental procedures you offer, and show the level of care you provide.

We can also optimise your Google Maps page so local patients find your practice faster. Based on your needs, we will develop a comprehensive dental SEO marketing strategy to help you get on the first Google search results page and encourage new patient appointments.

SEO Strategy for Dental Labs

Do you have trouble attracting prospective patients? Are you working with a general SEO agency that doesn’t specialise in dental SEO services? Can’t track the Return of Investment from your existing SEO campaign?

It is time to consider a dental SEO company that excels in keyword research for dental labs, applying local search engine optimisation tactics, and using effective strategies to help you grow your dental business. At Smile & Grow, we go the extra mile to help local dental labs find ideal patients for the services they offer, increase website traffic, and ensure a top position on Google.

We understand that it can be challenging to compete with other dental practices. That is why your skills, services, and the equipment you use require exposure that will help you stand out from the rest.

Dental SEO for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

Your procedures, patient education, experience, and surgical instructions are unique to you, and we will highlight them on your website.

We offer dental SEO services to oral and maxillofacial surgeons who provide various services, from dental implants to sedation, wisdom teeth removal, TMJ disorders, and corrective jaw surgery. Based on our thorough keyword research, we will implement the right words into the content to help your dental practice’s website rank higher on Google. The goal is to ensure local SEO success, attract new website visitors, and obtain more patients.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for General Dentists

Similar to other dental practices, general dentists also have trouble ranking on search engines due to the high competition. At Smile & Grow, we will design a dental practice website with responsive and patient-appropriate content and easy navigation so prospective patients can find all the information they need. Our goal is to ensure a better patient experience on your site and help you rank search engine results pages for specific industry keywords.

We work side by side with general dentists to develop a digital marketing campaign covering all aspects, including blog content, Google Ads, GMB listing, internal and external linking. With our help, you can expect more patients, high conversions, and a better chance to rank high on Google searches.

Dental SEO for Orthodontics

Another dental specialty we cover is orthodontic care. We can provide you with a dental website explaining your procedures, services, removable appliances, braces, and more.

Our dental SEO professionals know that potential patients look for orthodontics to treat their bad bites and boost self-confidence. A professional website is an essential ranking factor for SEO, so we’ll do our best to put you on the top.

We will work on an engaging copy, add the right keywords to attract them to your site, and ensure you are the right dental practice for their needs. Our dental SEO agency goes above and beyond to ensure positive search engine rankings, organic traffic, and more patients.

Dental Marketing for Periodontists

At Smile & Grow, we provide responsive and modern websites for periodontists looking to improve their online visibility and Google ranking.

Allow us to do what we do best and attract more people to your website and dental practice. By investing in your dental search engine optimisation, you can expect a top spot on Google, access to more potential patients,  increased phone calls, and booked appointments.

When you partner with us, you will realise that SEO works and helps you gain the business success you’ve always wanted. Taking advantage of our SEO expertise is the best thing you can do for your clinic.

If you have a dental practice in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane, and are looking for search engine optimisation services, get in touch with us. We would love the opportunity to show you what SEO can do to grow your business.

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