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Crafting a comprehensive digital marketing plan for dental practices isn’t easy. That said, improving your SEO and keyword rankings can provide a quick boost in new patient leads.

Dental patients search the web for a new dental practice every day, and your website’s search engine optimisation strategy can drive them to your website – or your competitor’s. Your local SEO rankings heavily influence how many potential new patients find your website while browsing search engine results.

If you’ve noticed a lag in business or simply want to expand your practice, dental SEO services from our team at Smile and Grow can boost your numbers and improve revenue through better Google search engine rankings.

Landing a place on the coveted first page takes time, technical skill, and creativity, and our team is up for the challenge. Whether you want to achieve higher search engine rankings, expand your online presence, or promote services like teeth whitening, you can trust our SEO experts at Smile and Grow.

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What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO helps your website rank higher in Google search results through optimised web content, on-page SEO tactics, and link-building strategies. At Smile and Grow, we combine advanced SEO approaches with a tried-and-true marketing strategy for increased website traffic, improved revenue, and sustainable growth.

The SEO process begins with an analysis of your market competitors, along with thorough keyword research. When you choose dental SEO services from our company, you can count on a top-ranking website for a variety of keywords, as well as improved ranking on local searches.

More than likely, your toughest competition has the best dental SEO marketing practices in town…until now. If you’re ready to outrank, outperform, and outgrow your competition, book your free consultation and website audit today!

The Three Basic Elements of SEO for Dentists

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Organic Search Rankings

Organic search engine rankings require a complete understanding of your ideal patients and your local market. To improve your position within search result pages, we need to know how many patients are actively looking for a dentist nearby, along with their interest in specific dental services in your area. We also need to know more about your competitors. For example, which keywords have given them the highest rank? What aspects of their SEO strategy are working – and where are the holes? Our team will perform keyword research, then conduct a thorough analysis of the market, your potential patients, and your competitors to determine how we can best leverage your dental care business and improve your Google ranking.

Web Page SEO

On-page SEO strategies play a critical role in your SEO dental marketing plan. Our team will conduct an audit of your website, then apply proven tactics to ensure that your website’s infrastructure will boost your rank. We will adjust headings, create, or revise content, build quality links, and optimise images to catch the attention of the finicky Google Algorithm.

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Link-Building strategies

Internal and external links provide a healthy boost to your website’s rank on Google. For example, if a respected local wellness guide links to your site, your credibility will see a boost in the “eyes” of the Google Algorithm. Alternatively, linking within your website – or building internal links – will improve your website’s authority.

Improve Local SEO for Your Dental Practice

SEO for dentists provides a large amount of value at a relatively low cost. For one, your business won’t have to pay for extra advertising to drive new leads through your doors. By applying a comprehensive SEO plan to your dental website, your site will rank higher in organic searches for improved brand awareness.

At Smile and Grow, we prioritise a transparent and collaborative experience. We provide you with real-time keyword reports so you can track the progress of your digital marketing campaign.

If you feel that dental practices don’t need digital marketing, think again. Your business could rank at the top of search engines’ results and bring in a new client every day. But if your website isn’t number one, then your competitors will be.

Claim the top position and increase your market share with a customised marketing strategy from our team at Smile and Grow.


Website traffic - Increase


Bounce Rate - Decrease


Average Visit Duration - Increase


Pages Per Session - Increase

How We Create Your SEO Campaign

When we work with you to create your dentist SEO plan, you can expect a true partnership. We want to know your ideas, goals, and objectives for the marketing campaign, and we always welcome your input as we implement best practices.

You can trust that your marketing campaign will feel personalised to reflect your brand, integrity, and expert dental care. That said, we follow six proven, effective strategies to obtain better search results, new patients, and increased revenue for our clients:

Keyword Research

Target phrases and keywords drive a successful dental SEO campaign. We perform extensive research to determine which keywords your competitors have ranked for, how many times those keywords get searched each month, and which keywords would best suit your business. From there, we’ll begin building your SEO marketing campaign.

Competitor Analysis

At Smile and Grow, our team consists of current and former dentists. We know the industry inside and out – and we know exactly how to get new patients through your door. Each new patient will have to choose between you and your competitors, so we dive into your local market and analyse the number of dental practices, the number of potential patients, and the marketing strategies that drive the success of top-ranking businesses.

Technical SEO Tactics

Several technical aspects influence Google rankings, such as website speed, page-load speed, and your site’s infrastructure. Our team will carefully audit your website to check for slow pages, oversized photos, or broken links, then rebuild your website for a more optimised patient experience.

Content Marketing

Content marketing comprises a large part of your dental SEO plan. By creating optimised, high-value content, you can educate and connect with patients, while increasing the amount of time each patient spends on your website. Additionally, content like service pages, articles, and blogs provide an opportunity to incorporate keywords and relevant phrases into your website without “cramming” the site. We will also review and implement best practices regarding tags, alternate text, and page titles for a full-service SEO content plan.

Outreach and Link Building

Reaching out to local influencers, local indexes, or wellness sites in your area can provide value to your link profile. Quality links act as votes or points in the Google algorithm, adding confidence and authority to your website. As you gain more quality links, Google will consider your website more trustworthy and valuable, thereby resulting in higher online search engine rankings.

Prioritise Local SEO Strategies

While online marketing campaigns often focus on traffic, keywords, and content optimisation, many companies neglect one key aspect of any service-based organisation’s success: local SEO. Local SEO practices can send your business to the top of rankings, especially if a potential new patient searches for a “dentist near me” or a “dentist in Melbourne.” When you work with our team at Smile and Grow, you can count on your practice ranking at the top of search engines’ results.

How We Prioritise Local SEO Strategies

To get started, we’ll focus on three critical areas of local SEO plans to drive more online traffic to your site:

1. Claim your Google My Business page.

Google My Business (GMB) pages display basic but critical information about a dental practice: their phone number, hours of operation, address, photos of their practice, and online reviews. With nearly half of all Google searches focused on local businesses or services, you can take advantage of this free Google platform and get your site in front of patients’ eyes.

Your GMB page will also ensure that your dental practice appears on Google Map searches, making it easy for new patients to find your offices.

2. Ensure that the information between your website, social media pages, Google maps, and Google My Business profile remains consistent.

Consistent information between your website, social media page, Google My Business profile, and Google maps will improve online traffic. Minor details, like a phone number or postal code, can impact how highly your site ranks in certain search engines.

3. Focus on quality content marketing to increase website traffic.

Finally, our team will focus on educational, high-value content to improve dentist website rankings. Do your potential patients want to know how to care for their retainers? What about the best teeth whitening tips and tricks in town? By combining the information patients need with the keywords they search for, your dental website will climb the ranks and your office will see more new patients than ever before.

Some FAQs About Dental SEO Solutions

Increase New Leads and Boost Income with SEO Services from Smile and Grow

When you need a comprehensive search engine optimisation plan for your dental website, count on Australia’s leading dental marking agency. We know the industry and can help your dental website land on the first pages of multiple search engines, driving more organic traffic to your site and into your office.

Are you ready to boost your traffic, improve sales, and welcome new patients through your doors? As one of Australia’s leading dental marketing agencies, Smile and Grow can help. For more information on our marketing strategies, give our team a call today at 02 9046 8484.

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