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Patients are searching online for dental care more and more. Smile & Grow Dental Marketing Agency is here to help you leverage the power of SEO & Digital Marketing for Dentists all over Australia.

We're a transparent agency delivering tangible results. We can develop customized marketing solutions to attract new, high-value clients to your practice.

Connect with our dental marketing firm and make your practice the go-to choice for patients in your area. Let's work together to make the competition irrelevant!

Are you the Best Dentist in your area? You should be at the top of Google

Dental Marketing is a lever you can pull to fill those gappy books build your capacity. Our goal is to work with you to increase your patient base through targeted digital marketing to consistently attract new patients and sustain returning clients. 

We make it easy for new patients to find you when they are looking for dental related services online, we also track every interaction and outcome so we can prove the return on investment being achieved from your marketing campaign.

Exclusively End-to-end Digital Marketing for Dentists is Our Specialty

As a market leading dental marketing agency in the Australia, we aim to accelerate dental practice owners growth through collaboration, proactive innovation and keeping a close eye on the competition. Contact us to see if you fit our criteria

Dental marketing Australia

Struggling to attract new patients? Explore our proven dental clinic marketing ideas and discover effective strategies for marketing a dental practice.

We partner with dental practices all over Australia. If you have a practice and invest in marketing, the odds are you can improve your return on investment. 

With years of experience our expertise is in dental marketing consultation which is a thorough audit to help you understand the opportunities that exist in your market and how you can capture new patients.

Credibility carries a significant amount of weight for consumers when they are looking for a dentist online, you need to be capturing feedback from your clients and increase your reviews. As a leading dental marketing firm we create automated solutions to make it easier for your front office to help capture feedback to grow reviews and optimise your reception processes.

Dental Practice Owner Feedback

Dr. Masood Avval

Lotus Medical centre


We wanted to invest in digital marketing, and Smile and Grow was recommended by our friend with the initial goal of getting more patients and improving our service. The professionalism of Smile and Grow are one of the best things I liked about our journey with them. So if I were asked by other dental practice owners considering an investment with marketing, I’d gladly say Go with Smile and Grow.

Dental Marketing Specialists in Australia

Kunal Patel

Complete Family Dental


As a new business venture, the primary challenge for us was the inbound enquiries and patient flow. The conversation with David and Nitin was genuine. At no point was I being sold to, and they provided their advice based on the current business cycle. They both also took their time to understand the business. They exercised patience in educating us as a business, which led us to choose them as our digital marketing partner.

When we started, our initial goal was to increase enquiries, and our current goal is to have more than 35 patient enquiries, 20-25 new consultations, and five monthly google reviews. One of the best things I liked about Smile and Grow is their genuine advice and partnership.

One piece of advice I would give to other dental practice owners is that not all marketing gets people through the door, so decide on a strategy and stick with the tactics implemented for a few months

marketing strategy for dentists

Dr. Chan Nguyen

Wahroonga Dental Group

We wanted to invest in digital marketing to increase our online presence, reach out to more clients in the local area, and make it easier for our patients to contact us and make appointments. We chose Smile and Grow as our digital marketing partner because Nitin was generous with his time and approachable. For him, no concern is too big or too small. Our initial goals were to have a new website, increase exposure online, increase patient numbers, and make it easier for patients to search and contact us. Our current business goal is the continuous flow of new patients and to build my associates. One of the best things I like about working with Smile and Grow is the ability to work on a budget and provide different strategies that change with our current needs. If I could Have a good relationship with the person you are working with and truly understand what practices need out of marketing. Nitin and his partner own an approach, too, so they can relate to our goals. One piece of advice I could give to other dental practice owners considering an investment in marketing is to have a good relationship with the person you are working with and truly understands what practices need out of marketing. Nitin and his partner own practice too, so they can relate to our goals.
trusted by dentists in Australia

Dr Deepa Iyer

Aspendale Gardens Dental Care


As a new owner, I had just taken over an existing practice. I identified that the practice urgently needed some digital marketing strategies.

We were recommended to talk to David and Nitin from Smile and Grow, who opened our eyes to what could be achieved through digital marketing. We were certain that this was the investment we needed to boost the new leads we had in our practice. We’ve chosen Smile and Grow as our partner because David and Nitin were very professional and gave up time from their personal lives to talk to us even after hours.

Their ideas were very insightful, which further instilled confidence in their methods. We spoke to a few other dental SEO marketing companies and found ourselves steering back to Smile and Grow.

When we started, our goals were to get more new patients, fill up our diaries and get new leads, get up to date modern website and eventually continue growing and getting new patient leads so that we can continue to grow as a business and increase the number of chairs.

Even though it seems daunting and feels like you are making a huge investment, if you trust the system, you will see an ROI and your business will only grow from there.

online marketing for dentists

Dr. Magd Mostafa

Sutherland Dental


What I like about my journey with Smile and Grow is that they have a professional team and care about our practice. David and Nitin are very cooperative and know what they are doing. I can’t recommend them enough as they exceeded my expectations, and I am grateful for their support.

dental practice owners trust us

Dr. Wessam Atteya

Pinnacle Dental


I have been in the dental industry for 20 years and have done plenty of marketing work with many websites and SEO providers. Most of them requested ongoing contracts and charged me for any changes or additions to photos or links or any changes. David from Smile and Grow was introduced to me by one of my colleagues four years ago when I started my first clinic in Sunbury, and they just did it all for us and we are now the go-to-clinic there.

Three years later, I opened my new clinic in Docklands and of course, I contacted David again for taking care of our marketing. Smile and Grow team again did not disappoint. They supported us all the way and were always happy to visit us and spend time with me and explained the SEO process. They also allow us to make any changes we want; we can do it ourselves or they do it for us at no extra charge. They give us constant updates and recommendations as to what needs to be done to remain number ONE. They show us our results every month. They do such a great job they do not ask to sign a long-term contract (I guess this is because they know we will always be of them simply because of the hard work and good results). I could not be more pleased, and I do not feel like I am getting taken advantage of and I feel good about working with them. They are also much more affordable than many and great value for money. Furthermore, the support we currently get from them during the unprecedented time of COVID-19 is invaluable.

I cannot recommend Smile and Grow enough to my colleague and friends.

Dental Marketing Services

Domain Management


To optimise your online presence, you need a customised website that is user-friendly and accessible. Our website designs are aimed to turn potential patients into new patients. We offer SEO and dental website design services.

We can design you a new website compatible with mobile devices that will easily scale. Your new website will be designed to convert visitors into clients and include a platform to analyze data, track paid or organic traffic, and review SEO progress.

Google Ads Marketing

Google Ads

Dental google ads campaigns are an effective way to be accessible to your target audience. It is a quick marketing strategy that has proven effective.

Pay Per Click will lead to success in attracting website traffic with the resources on Google Ads. Our dental marketing experts know how to capitalize on even the smallest Google Ads budget to generate new audience and improve overall online visibility.

Search Engine Optimization

Dental SEO

Our dental seo marketing experts know how to use search engine optimisation to drive organic traffic to your website. We help Australian dental practices improve their SERP rankings so they are found more easily by potential customers. We follow industry best practices to ensure high rankings.

Branding And Strategy

Dental Branding

We have created and developed countless dentists’ brands through online advertising, a content focus that allows successful dental practices to outperform competitors, and a unique design that tells each individual story.

We build you a unique brand that is representative of your practice and easily recognizable. Allow us to tell the story of your dental practice through our branding services.

dental marketing agency in Australia

Social Media

We use dental social media platforms to disseminate your information and to open lines of communication for you to engage with potential customers. An active social media presence will grow and generate a steady stream of loyal dentist marketing leads for your dental business. 

If you are looking to engage your existing patients through instagram, facebook and youtube then connect with our dental social media team.

Website Hosting & Maintenance

Local Ads

Being able to reach as many people as possible within your community is key to building a prosperous business. While most digital marketing strategies can reach far and wide, your dental practice’s success comes from patients geographically closer to you.

Local Ads is a Google service that helps potential leads find your dental practice in specific locations you want to target. Our dental marking professionals use these ad campaigns to help you reach your business goals offline by reaching patients across your Australia service area.

Full Service Dental Marketing Agency

The services we offer extend beyond traditional marketing ads.   We create and strengthen your brand through online content that allows your dental practice to outshine competitors. We build long-term connections and networking solutions that can sustain themselves by increasing your patient base and referrals.

Our dental marketing service helps you to increase your positive ratings as it can be a major deciding factor for patients when selecting a dentist.

Chat With Our Dental Marketing Team

Learn more about what dental marketing can do for your practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes us different is that we use your dental practice to build a customised marketing strategy that will generate continuous patient growth. Your dental practice can reach exponential growth through our online networking and marketing strategies. We connect you with new and prospective patients by making you stand out.

We want to make sure that you don’t just get new patients, but that they refer more patients to you.

Our full-service dental marketing company believes that every dentist in Sydney, Melbourne, and the rest of Australia deserves an opportunity to showcase their valued services in local communities.

Just as your dental team provides patients with high-quality dental care that exceeds their expectations, agencies like ours provide the resources and opportunities to put the best features of your dental practice into the public eye.

Our dental marketing specialists excel in online and offline dental marketing campaigns. Quality advertising requires a keen ability to tailor ideas. Many dentists invest cash and years of patience into professional training and other details of growing a successful dental practice in Australia, and dental marketing seeks to honour that effort.

At Smile & Grow , we focus on the growth of established dental practices in Australia by:

  • Providing optimised dental marketing copy that drives revenue and new patient numbers
  • Providing experienced dental marketing specialists who can run organised campaigns of any scope
  • Delivering the right guidance and helpful advice to help clients achieve amazing results
  • Curating a focus on value for money to attract more patients and gain loyalty in the local community

The Australian dental industry is highly competitive. A good dental marketing strategy attracts new patients and improves the visibility of your dental practice through targeted online campaigns, brand development, and search engine optimisation. There are many benefits to investing in dental marketing, including:

  • Patient lead generation
  • Improved outreach
  • Online reputation development
  • Brand identity development
  • Patient engagement and retention
  • Increased ROI


Patients today are going online to find dental services, and a dedicated dental marketing agency can help you bring them into your practice over a competitor.

The typical dental practice does not have the staff or time to handle the many facets of online and offline marketing. When you trust Smile & Grow with your marketing needs, you and the other dental professionals at your clinic are free to focus on your patients and the day-to-day needs of the practice.

The world of dental marketing is complex and always evolving. The best practices for all strategies from paid ad campaigns to SEO change all the time, sometimes on a daily basis. Unless you hire a marketing superman, one person (or even two people) would struggle to keep up.

When you hire an agency to handle your marketing needs, you get a team of experts, usually one per strategy, so one SEO specialist, one PPC specialist, etc. That way, each expert can spend the time needed to remain up-to-date and provide high-quality service every day, even if the relevant algorithm has changed.

A full-service dental marketing agency like Smile & Grow uses a variety of methods to help bring new patients to your practice. Advertisement campaigns, SEO, social media marketing, website design, and brand development all play a role in how new patients find you and why they choose your services over the services of competitors.

  • PPC and Local Ads aim to make your services visible to your preferred patients in your preferred service area. You can target patients in one location or across Australia and encourage them to book appointments.
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) targets search engine algorithms using tactics for optimising online content on websites and social media platforms. When a page on your website is properly optimised according to current SEO best practices, it ranks higher on result pages, making your practice more visible for patients searching for dental services online.
  • Social media marketing simultaneously improves visibility and builds reputation through a strong online presence and tools like patient reviews. It’s no longer sufficient to just have a website. Patients also find and investigate new dental services using social media.
  • Website design is an essential part of modern dental marketing. Potential patients today expect trustworthy practices to have websites that are just as easy to view and navigate on a computer as they are on a smaller device. Potential patients may click away if they encounter a dental website design that looks like it hasn’t been updated since the early 2000s.
  • Brand development is what sets your dental practice apart from competitors and encourages patients to choose you instead. A good marketing strategy will build your brand based on what makes your story unique and the mission of your practice. Patients want to know who you are and why they should choose you over the competition.

Email marketing strategies for dental marketing is often very successful. Email strategies use methods like promotions and after-appointment follow-ups to gain new patients and retain current ones. It is an affordable marketing strategy with huge ROI potential. Let’s take a closer look at some email marketing strategies:

  • Promotions encourage both new and current patients to come to your practice by offering discounts, loyalty benefits, and referral bonuses. Even if some patients do not opt to take advantage of your offerings, these emails serve to keep your practice in their minds the next time they need dental services.
  • After-care follow-ups create personalized communication between your practice and each individual patient, even if it simply says, “Thank you for choosing us.” This makes patients feel appreciated and recognized. It shows them you care about them beyond the time they spend in your practice.

There are two main factors to consider when establishing just who your target demographic is. One of them is simple: the location of your practice. You want to target patients in and around where you work because few patients are willing to travel far for dental care.

Another way to narrow down your target group is to consider what your practice specialises in. For example, if you specialise in family dentistry, the target audience for your dental marketing strategies will be parents between the ages of 20 and 40. If you specialise in cosmetic dentistry solutions like implants and dentures, you might target older patients.

It’s important to get specific in your online marketing efforts to drive the best ROI at the lowest cost. You want a potential patient to find your practice and think, “wow, this is exactly what I was looking for.”

Sometimes, it’s necessary to change the current brand of your dental practice and adopt a new one. Rebranding is an intimidating endeavor, but Smile & Grow can take care of all your rebranding needs.

We’ll help you develop your mission and unique position within the industry to help set your practice apart. Rebranding services we offer include:

  • Logo design
  • Graphic design
  • Website design
  • Mission and Vision statement development
  • And more!


Signs you may need to rebrand include

  • Outdated, pixelated logo
  • Vague or nonexistent mission statement
  • Vague or “boring” brand identity
  • Website does not support mobile devices

Social media marketing is a multi-faceted strategy to bring in new patients, engage with current patients, and improve brand visibility and reputation. Some strategies include:

  • Social media advertising
  • Regularly added optimised and interactive content
  • Marketing campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and others


Today’s dental patient is more likely to trust a practice with full and optimised social media pages. Australian dentists not using social media are missing out on a lot of potential dental patients and opportunities to build their brands.

We can provide successful marketing solutions whether your practice is decades old or brand new. If you have a new practice (it may not even have a name yet), we can help you build your marketing strategy from the ground up. We will use the following steps to ensure a comprehensive marketing plan that helps you develop your new practice:

  • Establish your specialties and what type of patients you want to target
  • Understand your overall mission and goals for the practice
  • Research competitors within your geographic area
  • Establish your brand identity
  • Design a brand-focused, user-friendly website
  • Plan organic and paid marketing campaigns based on everything we’ve learned so far
  • Create a comprehensive social media marketing plan
  • Test functions and track progress throughout to ensure successful marking strategies.
Smile & Grow provides dental marketing solutions for dental practices in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth, and Darwin.

If you have a question about our marketing services for Australian dentists, you can contact us using our online form or call us at 1300 797 117 . We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and get you started with our comprehensive only marketing for dental practices.

We are here to help your dental practice succeed.

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