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Email hosting provides you with a personalised email address that is associated directly with your dental office. Instead of a generic email address such as Gmail, Outlook, or any of the other readily available options, an email extension specific to your dental office is more professional and easily recognisable.

What Is Email Hosting?

Get a personalised email address.

One of the most important parts of effective dental marketing is building a reputable brand for your dental practice. A customised email extension reinforces the professional image of your brand.

Our email hosting service provides you with a secure server for multiple accounts. Unlike generic email options, you have fewer restrictions with space as well as higher speed and better performance. Not only do the email addresses have extensions that represent your dental office, but their functions can be customised to suit your practice’s specific needs.

What Is Email Hosting?

Personalization and Professionalism

Choose a custom email address for your office and each of your staff members for a uniform presentation to your patients, vendors, and partners.

Security and Privacy

Protect your dental patient information and email invoicing when you host your email address on our secure email servers.

Build Your Brand

Reinforce your dental office brand with a personalised email addresses for your office and each of your staff members.

Internal Benefits

Reinforce your office name and internal structure with a professional email extension for all users.


Our encrypted servers protect private data between patients and your dental office.

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Our email hosting service is customisable to your specific needs at your dental office. We want to ensure that you and your team can communicate effectively.Our hosting services increase efficiency through premade templates, themes, and other integrated tools to accommodate your practice.

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