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Dental Marketing Plan

  • Reputation Management
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google Adwords
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Analysis
  • Website Design
  • Content Marketing
  • New Patient Tracker

Get your Dental website on top of Google

  • Connect with pre-qualified customers
  • Save time and money
  • Rely on an experienced and knowledgeable team
  • Flood your Dental Clinic with new patients

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  • Google Adwords Management

    Get the most out of your AdWords budget and reach new patients. Our Google Adwords Management team can build, manage & optimise your Dental Google campaign.


    Content Marketing for Dentist is crucial to stay in front of your patients in Google & importantly to help convey your values & benefits which will influence the conversions on your website.


    Search Engine Optimisation will allow your website to appear prominently in front of your new patients. Dentist SEO can feed your dental practice with leads & new patients.


    Social Media Marketing for Dental Clinics who want to stay connected with their current patients & generate New Patients. Build Loyalty & Trust with Social Media for Dentists


    High Converting Dental Website Designs. We implement best practice designs to make sure you have a fresh, vibrant website to engage your audience once they land on your website

  • Google Maps Optimisation

    Google Maps Optimisation is where trusted reviews spread the word about your dental practice. We provide you with a Google Maps recipe to generate positive reviews and win new patients by appearing at the top

Dental Marketing

A dental practice needs promotion and marketing because dental marketing strategies can determine how well your practice engages your audience and converts visitors on your website into patients.

With growing competition for dentists its crucial to connect with your local community, therefore we provide advertising solutions to achieve just that. Reviews, branding and reputation and other marketing efforts can determine how patients choose which practice to go for.

What do your patients think of your dental practice?

You need a dental marketing strategy and an innovative dental agency who understands your needs to help you put your best foot forward and soon, you’ll have a strong flow of new patients enabling you to fill another chair & scale your business.

Why Does Your Dental Clinic Need Marketing?

There are a number of reasons why a dentist practice might need to engage in marketing. These include:

(a) Getting new patients: Some patients are loyal and will always stick around through the ages, even bringing their family and friends but you can’t rely solely on that after all, how many times will each person come in? You might be looking for or in need of more patients and marketing is the way to go about promoting your services and getting new clients to come in.

(b) Moving patients: Patients are constantly moving out or in of an area which will affect the number of clients you currently have patronising your service. In cases of a deficit, marketing will help you get more patients.

(c) Awareness raising: Your marketing serves more than just you. For your audience, it is a much needed reminder of the need for dental services. Many people simply just forget about it in the face of other pressing concerns till there is a problem but your marketing efforts might just be the spark they need to go to the dentist’s and about what their dental needs are.

(d) Branding: Marketing is a great way to establish a brand or reputation whether you are beginning a new practice or changing something about an old one.

What Are The Types Of Dental Marketing You Should Do?

There are different types of dental marketing efforts you can put in to spread the word and you can pick the best options for your image and brand.

(a) Social media and digital marketing: Social media and digital platforms are a useful tool in today’s world for marketing any service including dentistry. You can target just customers in your area or go ahead to target a wider audience for online consultations if you are willing or able to provide this service. This could include blogging, digital newsletters, social networking and other popular digital methods.

(b) Website SEO: Search Engine Optimisation will help you get new business by making your website and related information about your dental practice easy to find.

(c) New Patient Tracking: This helps you track clientele by following every customer interaction with your website and material.

(d) Social networking and involvement: If you want to build a loyal patronage, a great way to do this is to get your clients directly through speaking with them at networking and social events, getting involved in the community, sponsor charities or other events and other sorts of social events.

(e) Email marketing: Email marketing can put you on people’s minds as they frequently hear from you with powerful messages and can even come in because of a recent message.Discounted services or packages: Offering discounted services or packages especially for some of the more popular and basic services is a great way to get more clients to come in and try your practice and getting a chance to build trust.

(f) Referral points or rewards: Offering referral points or rewards for clients who bring more patients is another great way to do marketing as you have others practically doing it for you with the added bonus of personal recommendations which go very far for most people especially in situations such as choosing your dentist.

(g) Sharing testimonials and reviews: This could be online or offline but it gives that added personal touch that could make all the difference.

(h) Google Ads: Google Adwords or Pay per click makes a huge difference as a it puts your website as one of the top options when related searches are made, making you a top choice for your clientele.

(i) Holiday programs: Take full advantage of popular holidays to engage your community, organise special programs, or offer unique advantages that would be attractive to clients in your area. You can also do something as simple and thoughtful as cards, gifts or special presents for clients, patients who come by, a selection of prospective clients or other relevant people.

Don’t forget to include your value statements as a practice to make sure your mission and values are out there and people know what you stand for. People love businesses that have a purpose and passion behind them.

There are lots of benefits of implementing a dental marketing strategy into your dental practice. It should be a part of your practice and not just a side thought. It helps you build up your practice, become more flexible and explore the various options available to you.

We at Smile and Grow offer dentist marketing services to suit your goals. Importantly, if you have competitors in your area you need to be active so your patients continue to use your clinic. If you have a dental clinic in Brisbane, Melbourne, Queensland or Sydney call our team for a dental google consultation.

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