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You know that good dental health involves more than just regular check-ups. That’s why you wouldn’t dream of just sending someone home with toothpaste and floss and presume that they’ll have no cavities. Yet, when it comes to marketing, many dentists are at a loss.

Whatever type of dentistry you practise, you need a website that addresses patient needs and concerns clearly and with compassion. You also need a thoughtful, multi-pronged approach to marketing that combines advertising with analytics and proven strategies to generate leads and convert those visitors into new patients.

Even if your area has dozens of dental practices competing for potential clients, your practice has services and a style that makes it unique. When you partner with the marketing team at Smile and Grow, you’ll work with other dental professionals who know how to drill down into what makes your clinic stand out, then amplify that to lift you above the competition – and expand your business.

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Looking to Level Up Your Dental Marketing?

Potential patients are searching for dental offices in Australia every day. But if your practice isn’t visible online, those patients are likely to go to one of your competitors.

With a results-driven marketing strategy, you can increase your online visibility and outshine the competition. The result is a consistent stream of new patient leads, every single month.

Our Proven Dental Marketing Strategies That Drive More Patients

A successful dental practice thrives on patients satisfied with your treatments, services, and accessibility. Those qualities generate word of mouth and online reviews that can be more effective than splashy advertising campaigns. However, success in this industry also hinges on being able to attract new patients and convert online visitors and phone enquiries into appointments. We’ve noticed a lot of dental practices struggle with finding a quality strategy to market their services effectively. Smile and Grow is a specialised dental marketing agency with a knowledgeable team of dental professionals just like you. Our cutting-edge strategies have generated dozens of new patient leads each month for dental practices across Australia, forming meaningful relationships on social media and online networks with potential patients searching for quality dental care. Here’s just a sampling of what we can do for you.

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Expert Dental Website Design and Development

You might think that your current website suits your practice and your needs, but when did you last examine it like you would a patient’s X-ray? We’ll evaluate your website just like a new patient would, checking whether the content addresses common enquiries and concerns.

For instance, some people might want to find your contact information and location easily. Others might want to learn more about your background, practice, and services, such as cosmetic dentistry or laser dentistry. Still others might want to know more about pricing, financial options, and health insurance.

We can analyse how patients in your area prefer to absorb such information. For instance, you might consider offering a brief welcome video about your practice or a chatbot that gives answers to basic enquiries, easing the wait time to speak with your front office staff.

We’ll also ensure that your website has a clean, professional look with easy-to-navigate menus and copy that loads quickly on a variety of digital devices.

Targeted Dental Social Media Marketing

For many people, communicating via social media is the equivalent of asking a trusted friend or neighbour for advice. Why not become part of that chatter in a natural, positive way?

We’ll find out how your local community perceives your brand and work to improve or enhance that connection through Facebook, Instagram, and similar social networks. Share success stories, news about new technologies and treatments, and even warm moments with your office staff. That personal touch heightens brand recognition and drives traffic to your website and your practice.

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Focused Dental SEO Optimisation

Your website is more than an introduction. It’s a valuable marketing tool that can land you among the top Google rankings when someone searches online for a dental practice. Dentists advertise on TV and billboards, as well as in print, but it’s foolish to ignore how much time people spend online.

SEO is an essential part of your dental marketing strategy because it drives visibility for your practice. We’ll help you identify the optimised keywords for your content so that new visitors can find your local services using a variety of search terms.

Because people use different devices to find a dentist, our dental marketing agency has developed SEO practices that work on mobile, tablet, or desktop, as well as on Google, Google Maps, and digital posts, ads, tags, and shares.

Advanced Analytics

We consider analytics the foundation of successful dental marketing solutions. We conduct a thorough and free marketing audit to identify any missed marketing opportunities and outline strategies that can increase your traffic and align with the goals for your dental practice.

We’ve organised more than 140 analytic reports and more than 90 SEO campaigns for dental professionals across Australia, pinpointing what works to help them bring in visitors through SEO, Google Ads, and sales funnels. When you talk with us about your long-term goals, we’ll set and define the marketing milestones to help you achieve them.

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email marketing smile and grow

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is another way to establish a meaningful connection with your targeted audience of current and potential patients. Our dental marketing experts can craft email messages with the latest office news, up-to-date dental techniques, and advice, such as how to reassure a child before their first trip to the dentist.

In addition to designs that bring your messages to life, our innovative email templates are AHPRA compliant, improving deliverability, retention, and patient engagement.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

When you need to generate local awareness about your practice, pay-per-click advertising through Google Ads is reliable, affordable, and has an instant impact. We monitor budgets and bid prices to ensure that your advertising has a powerful return on investment thanks to tailored keywords.

We even create video PPC ads that convert potential patients into loyal ones, offering a detailed overview of your business, your services, and how you excel above the competition.

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content strategy smile and grow

Winning Content Marketing Strategy That Thrives Dental Practices

We understand that, ultimately, your goal in connecting with clients is educating and empowering them to improve their oral health. Our skilled health copywriters create blogs and content specifically to engage your community and drive awareness about oral hygiene while ranking your practice high for SEO.

Through such blog content, we’ll help potential and current patients understand your services while positioning your practice as a valuable and trusted resource.

How many new patients could you be getting?

Get Your Free Dental Marketing Checkup

The success of your dental practice depends on you bringing in new patients and ensuring your existing patients come back time and time again. That’s why we offer a free Dental Marketing Checkup to help you fill the holes in your marketing and establish a winning lead generation strategy.

  1. Market Assessment – Understand the demand in your area, who your ideal patients are, and what they’re looking for in a dental office.
  2. Website Audit – Find out if your website has the right foundation to actively generate traffic and convert that traffic into leads.
  3. Opportunities – Identify the gaps between you and your competitors’ marketing strategies and how to come out on top.

Have you been looking for a trusted dental marketing partner for your clinic?

Why Choose Our Dental Marketing Agency



We understand your business better than anyone as we too are dental clinic owners just like you



Our experienced team have been delivering growth for dental clinic for years with proven results

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Included in every campaign, enabling us to track the source and outcome of the phone call. Turn more calls into new patients with detailed insights


Understand the real outcome of marketing strategies. Identify trends, staff’s conversion rates and opportunities to help fill your books.



Focused on the number of new patiens leads generated rather than the amount of clicks like most agencies.

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Increase your Invisalign, Dental Implants, Smile Makeover and Whitening treatments with a strategic sales funnel and increase high-valued patients.

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“Our dental practice built a new website and initiated a marketing campaign to capture more of the market and stay ahead of the large corporates. The smile and grow campaign has helped us achieve this and we are generating over 150 new patient leads each and every month now.”
Sumit Prashad
Rise Dental
“Since creating our modern website we have been connecting with the local community through our google campaign which has been generating some great results.”
Amy Nguyen
Dental Owner at Wahroonga Dental Group

Questions Frequenttly Asked By Dental Practice Owners

We realise that you might have some additional questions about our digital dental marketing techniques and how we can tailor them for your business. Here are a few FAQs that clients have shared with us over our dozen years in this industry. If you have other enquiries about developing a focused design and dental marketing plan for your business, please call us at (02) 9046 8484.

Think of the saying about whether anyone hears a tree that falls in a forest. Even if you’re an experienced professional with stellar dental services, you will have a tough time attracting clients if no one knows about your clinic. Ads are one way to increase awareness, but advertising alone doesn’t bring people through the door.
We find that an entire marketing strategy that builds upon what services people in your area want and addresses their concerns is more effective than a handful of ads – and we don’t leave that to guesswork. Our sales optimisation team continually tracks our marketing efforts on your behalf with full transparency so you’ll spend your marketing budget only on what works.
We also track new leads and calls, working with your staff to ensure that people curious enough to contact your practice convert into an appointment on the books.

Granted, this can differ for every dentist because of the variety of specialities in the industry, as well as the goals for each practice. Some dentists want to heighten awareness of their clinic in a particular location. Others want to increase the number of new patient appointments and overall growth while still others want more sales of cosmetic treatments such as tooth whitening and Invisalign.
Whatever your goals, Smile and Grow can help you promote your dental clinic online by creating a digital marketing approach that aligns with your style and values. For instance, if you’re comfortable with social media, we’ll discuss placing SEO-rich ads on Facebook and via Google AdWords that engage people on a personal level.
We also might redesign your practice’s website or revamp a page or two to highlight a particular service or add content, such as tips for caring for dental implants. If you’re comfortable with video, we could give potential visitors a tour within seconds that can put them at ease – and keep your practice in mind when they think of an accessible, comfortable dental clinic.

Establishing a dental brand with a clear identity, a rapport that people trust, and valuable content through SEO and social media keeps your business top of mind when people search for dentistry services. The beauty of developing a marketing strategy is that you can implement different ideas.
We’ve found some of the best dental marketing techniques involve providing a service. For instance, you could introduce a content strategy such as a blog on your website with actionable health tips rich with keywords that address patients’ enquiries. You also could improve your rankings and your appeal by ensuring that your site has a clean design that loads quickly on different mobile devices.
Facebook ads with specific keywords or a campaign using Google AdWords also can increase brand awareness and growth in a positive, helpful way. For instance, social media can remind people of your services, such as emergency or laser dentistry. It also can offer a simple way to make an appointment or request email or text reminders.

When you consider how we’ve become accustomed to searching online for answers and assistance, right down to clicking on a mobile app for groceries, you understand better how crucial digital marketing is to dentistry. Dental marketing builds relationships that convert people simply searching for dental care into patients.
Dentistry has become a highly competitive industry. Without ideas that promote your practice and create awareness for your brand and services, you’re likely to be lost.
Yet not every Facebook ad or sales funnel is a rousing success. We want to assure our clients that they’re spending their marketing budget wisely, so we select projects using such platforms as Google Ads that hit the points you want to make while providing the best results. That way, you can turn your focus to providing top-notch dental services for every appointment.

Let Our Dental Marketing Team Attract New Patients and Grow Your Practice

At Smile and Grow, we have more than 12 years of experience in developing dental marketing techniques using analytic reports and keywords that land our clients at the top of search engine results. Our specialised marketing services have helped dentists throughout Australia grow into the leading dental practices in their areas.
We offer a free Dental Marketing Check-up that identifies gaps in your marketing methods and implements proven ways of converting clients. Think of it as an X-ray for your marketing health. Just like good oral health keeps a smile looking its best, our free Dental Marketing Check-up gives you insights into how your practice looks online, as well as how to improve your presence.

The success of any business depends on establishing relationships that assure and reward existing customers while attracting new ones. The dental practices that partner with us show leaps in mobile traffic of about 46% and increases in organic traffic of well over 100%, as well as more than a 32% boost in new patients. Combined, that results in a revenue increase of more than 56%!

As proud as we are of these statistics, we know that no one likes to feel like a number. In the same way you strive to deliver personalised care with every appointment, we want to create a collaborative relationship with the dentists we serve so that they’re confident in their investment and results.
Don’t feel lost in your dental marketing efforts any longer. Our experienced team members are happy to provide a consultation with our free Dental Marketing Check-up, drawing on their vast expertise with their dental clinics and the services that people like.

Phone us today at (02) 9046 8484 and learn why dentists throughout Australia trust Smile and Grow to enhance their dental marketing and get their company growth back on track. Let’s discuss your current marketing methods and share ideas that deliver results that make you smile.