Top 3 Dental Marketing Strategies

Top 3 Dental Marketing Strategies

In this new generation, word of mouth is no longer the superior marketing strategy. It is no doubt still an important channel to get your dental practice known to new patients, but it is no longer the primary channel. Times have changed so much that more and more people are no longer merely trusting what their friends say so easily. It is no longer the generation whereby if you provide consistently excellent services, you can rely on existing patient to naturally promote your dental services to their friends through word of mouth.

Top Dental Marketing StrategiesThese days, with the emergence of online technology, Google is now the new generation’s best friend when it comes to searching for new dental practices. It is essential to understand that when your potential patient searches for a dental practice to go to, multiple options pop out and whether a patient chooses you depends on a lot on your online reviews.

Here are the top 3 dental marketing strategies to keep you ahead of your competition:

Online Ranking Domination With Dental SEO

If you wish to get ahead of your competition, it is essential to have a strategic dental seo strategy in place to help your website rank well on Google and major search engines. Google dominates the online search market share at 86%, and is it crucial for your dental website to rank well on their search engine results. A large number of researches that have been conducted by top search engine optimisation (SEO) companies shows that the top five websites listings get almost all the search traffic. That means if you are ranking above the top 10, there is a high chance that practically no one would see your website. If a patient is not able to view your website, you will lose this potential patient regardless of how competitive your pricing is or how good your service is.

Therefore, it is essential to rank well on Google with your search engine optimisation campaign. At the very least, your dental website should rank on the first page results for less competitive terms. It is certainly not easy to rank on the first page results for highly competitive terms such as “dentists” or “dental services”, but it is possible to rank well on less competitive search terms. For example, it is much easier to rank well on geo search terms or long-tail search terms such as “best dentist nearby”, “dentists in Melbourne city” and “how much does dental cleaning usually cost?”. To be able to rank well for these search terms, you need to have the right keywords on your website and suitable content. You need to remember it is not just about you pushing your services to the crowd. It is about you pulling the crowd by having the right content, which is what your potential patients are searching for online.

Positive Online Reviews

Besides ranking well on Google and other search engines, another critical dental marketing strategy is to have sufficient positive online reviews. The quantity of positive online reviews does matter. You could have many happy and loyal patients, but if they are not sharing their positive experiences online, most people would not know about it. Therefore, you must establish a platform for your existing patients to share their positive reviews online. The two most important platforms would be Facebook page reviews (which you can enable when you have set up your business page) as well as Google My Business reviews.

Many people trust reviews they read on Facebook and Google, so these are the main platforms that you should target. Once you have set up the platform, you must not forget the motivation element. With so many things going around these days, it is easy for your patient to forget to leave you a positive review once they leave your dental practice. As such, you could have a motivating or reminder element such as giving a free toothbrush with your branded logo on it. Whenever your patient uses the toothbrush, the patient is naturally reminded of your dental practice. This would increase the chance of your patient, leaving a positive review online.

Social Media Marketing

Last but not least, it is imperative to establish your social media presence. Almost everyone is using their mobile phones outside in between activities such as when commuting on public transport. When they are back home, they are also using their mobile phones. When they are surfing online, there are just so many distractions. When they log on to Facebook, there are just so many newsfeeds. There is breaking news on the coronavirus pandemic. When they go to Instagram, there are so many photos shared by celebrities or influences who they are following. When they search for something online, advertisements are showing up. This clutter is a considerable amount of distraction.

As such, you should establish your social media presence on various channels to ensure that regardless of which social media platform they are on. 

dental marketing reviewsThere is an avenue for you to be visible. As an example, you should consider not just having a Facebook page, but also consider having an Instagram profile. This can be an effective channel for you to be visible to the younger crowd.

Partner with a leading dental marketing agency

Unfortunately, most dental practice owners have no time for this. With actual dental services taking a significant amount of time, there is hardly any time left to spend on establishing and maintaining the right dental marketing strategies as above.

Smile and Grow is a dental marketing agency that partners with dental practice owners to deliver digital marketing services designed to grow their dental practice. We will get the right dental marketing strategies implemented for you.

Let us help you by freeing your time so that you can focus on your patients while we do the dental marketing work for you. Do not make the mistake that most dental practice owners do, which is to miss out on the right dental marketing strategies due to time factor.

By engaging the dental marketing services of Smile and Grow, you can be ahead of your competition and enjoy the advantage of being able to focus on your dental services without worrying on the digital marketing aspects. It is time to take action today and let us help you to grow your business and reach new heights.

Contact us today to level up your dentist marketing strategies.

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