How Dental Marketing Can Grow Your Practice

How Dental Marketing Can Grow Your Practice Exponentially

The dental industry has always been quite competitive, you usually have 2-3 dentists in any one suburb and the larger suburbs typically have 4-6 dental practices. With many different dental practices to choose from, what makes a potential patient select a particular dental practice depends on many factors. These factors include reputation, level of trust, pricing and quality of services offered.

With existing patients, it is less challenging as the relationship has already been built. For an existing patient, they already had the opportunity to test your services and would have been able to experience the quality of your services. There is a certain level of trust, and it is not difficult to retain that particular patient as long as you maintain the quality of your service. However, the real challenge is obtaining new patients who had no experience of your dental services.

How To Approach Dental Marketing

As a dental practice owner, you need to consider a multi-tiered dental marketing approach as the right dental marketing strategies can effectively help your business grow exponentially. In short, the initial step is making your business visible to all potential patients through all leading channels. This includes Google, Facebook and Instagram.

The second step is to communicate the value of your dental services to your potential patients. For example, if you are offering dental braces, do not just focus on pricing. Instead, focus on communicating the results that your dental braces services can bring to your potential patient. For example, you can share a photo of your patient looking so happy with a beautiful set of teeth. Whether it is shared on Facebook or Instagram, the smile shines through the image, and it invokes the feelings of your potential patients. Scientists have proven that almost all humans act based more on emotions.

If they feel that this would bring them happiness, they will seek to find out more. This gives you a golden opportunity to market and communicate the value of your dental services to them.

If you implement the right dental marketing strategies like in the above example, you can grow your business exponentially and be ahead of your competitors. Effective dental marketing works by firstly making your business highly visible to your potential patients. All businesses need to be visible to be engaged. A patient will not be able to engage your service if they do not know your dental practice even exist. As an example, with excellent online visibility, it is possible to reach 50,000 people living nearby your dental practice.

In the next level of dental marketing which is communicating value to your potential patients, this is known as the conversion stage. It is about converting a website visitor into being your patient. This potential patient might be searching for a dental topic and then come across your website. There is not much time that a website visitor would spare. A website visitor would most likely spend a few minutes at most on your website. If you have the effective dental marketing strategies implemented right on your website, you will be able to not only present content that is relevant to what the website visitor is searching for but also effectively promoting your dental services. Effective promotion is one that a person would feel that when he or she engages your services, the person will gain a real advantage at a price point that he or she can afford. With effective promotion, you would be able to convert a large number of website visitors into actual patients who would come to your dental practice.

Level Up Your Digital Marketing For New Patient Growth

When these patients come to your dental practice, you are then presented with the next level of opportunities. Some dental practice owners might service their patients and hope they return. These are the businesses that would have difficulty expanding their businesses. They might not even be able to maintain their existing patient base. In today’s world, you need to have proactive dental marketing strategies in place. At this stage, you should implement dental marketing strategies which increase patient retention rate.

As an example, after a patient finishes a dental appointment with you, you could have your receptionist asking just a few simple questions on how they felt about your service. If they are happy, your receptionist can encourage them to leave you a positive review online. If they are not so happy, your receptionist can find out the reason and attempt to rectify it. For example, if they are not pleased about the long waiting time, perhaps your receptionist could offer an explanation which helps the patient understand the situation. Having such interactions will encourage the growth rate of return patients.

If your budget allows, your receptionist could also give a small business-branded gift such as a set of floss or toothbrush with your dental practice name, which helps with patient retention rate. Such dental marketing techniques work both ways. It serves to increase patient happiness which increases chances of them sharing their positive experiences online with their friends and online, which helps you get more patients. Besides that, it also serves the purpose of retaining your patient through natural reminders. When using your business-branded floss or toothbrush, for example, they are constantly reminded of your dental practice in a non-intrusive manner, unlike traditional format weekly newsletters which some people consider as spam. Weekly or monthly newsletters can still work well, provided they are done right, and this is one way we could help you.

Effective Dental Marketing Boosts Your Brand And Patient Numbers

At Smile and Grow, we will help you plan and execute effective digital dental marketing for you. We will help you in both obtaining new patients and increasing patient retention rate through digital dental marketing strategies done right. With the right expertise, you can focus on servicing your patients. At the same time, we will work behind the scenes to help you grow your business exponential via a multi-tiered dental marketing approach.

How To Find The Best Dental Marketing Agency

Our dental marketing services are second to none, planned and executed by a team of experienced people. We will help by increasing your online visibility so that more people will get to know about your dental service. Contact our dental marketing team and level up your dental practice today.

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