Tips On Choosing The Right Keywords For SEO

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If you’ve researched on the importance of keyword research, and you’ve identified the rich keywords for strong SEO, then you’ve made a great start, however, that’s only half of the battle when it comes to attracting organic traffic to your dental website. Choosing the right keywords for SEO is one of the most important tasks […]

Top 3 Dental Marketing Strategies

Top 3 Dental Marketing Strategies In this new generation, word of mouth is no longer the superior marketing strategy. It is no doubt still an important channel to get your dental practice known to new patients, but it is no longer the primary channel. Times have changed so much that more and more people are […]

4 SEO Steps To Rank #1 On Google


Everybody aspires to be #1 on Google, but it is not an easy task to get there. This is particularly if you’re a dentist, where the competition for even first-page rankings in Google is high. Everybody has their own unique marketing strategy that works for their practice. Today, like any other industry, dentistry has a […]

Five Tips For Effective Dental SEO

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Nowadays, people are more prone to searching for a dental practice online. There are a multitude of reasons why people are switching practices. This is something that happens very often. Therefore, it is important that your search engine optimization (SEO) is efficient and effective to poach patients from the competition. Just having a website is […]

4 Bad Practice SEO Tactics


The first challenge is developing an effective dental marketing strategy, but it is not as important as maintaining its sustainability. For SEO to work, it must regularly evolve according to dental and patient needs. SEO strategies become outdated fairly quickly, and those dental practices who have a dedicated marketing team are more likely to be […]

3 Easy Dental SEO Tips

Dental SEO 3 Tips

3 Tips To Grow Your Dental SEO According to a recent article published by The Australian Dental Association a huge number of patients need a government aided system to make dentistry available for everyone in the community. Dentists are in demand, more than ever with a growing population and better education about the adverse impacts […]

4 Dental Marketing Strategies Your Practice Needs

4 Dental Marketing Strategies Your Practice Needs

With competition growing and the demand for dentistry increasing you need to have proactive strategies to generate new patients and importantly retain your active patient list. You might be the best dentist, you may have a great location and you may have invested a great deal in the latest equipment to reduce downtime, improve treatments […]

Marketing Your Practice During COVID-19

Dental Marketing Support Through COVID-19

This is certainly an unprecedented and scary time to be a dental practice owner and we recognise the inclination to halt everything and batten down the hatches whilst there is uncertainty around when covid-19 will begin to have less impact on the community allowing you to get back to working in a stable climate. Here […]

4 Ways Content Will Increase New Patient Leads

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Google has become a trusted source of information and is used sporadicly for nearly anything and everything, dentistry is no different. This is the exact reason your website and SEO campaigns provide tremendous value in your business success – you want to be found when a user is typing anything into google that relates to […]

Complete SEO Guide For Your Practice

Complete SEO Guide For Your Practice

SEO Guide For Health Practice Owners Digital marketing is becoming a better understood art form and the nuances of how to execute marketing effectively is growing. If you’re not staying on top of your digital marketing strategies then your competitors will be licking their lips and loving how you’re neglecting your seo. By appearing as […]