What Makes A Quality Dental Website?

A strong online presence cannot be underestimated. Your dental website plays a vital role in meeting the expectations of online users in terms of the dental information they expect to see as a website visitor. If your website does not provide the information they’re looking for, they will click off the website in seconds.

Your marketing goals are heavily linked to how your website looks. Some of the marketing goals you must have include creating an engaging presence, answer patients commonly asked questions and demonstrate your dental services whilst delivering a simple user navigation experience.  Check out this article highlighting the best dental websites in 2020.

How will your dental website achieve this? In order to meet these marketing goals, we’ve picked out four key components of an effective dental website to meet these needs to deliver a quality dental website.

The Four Quality Components

What Are Your Specialist Services?

When users visit a dental website, one of the key things they are searching for is the services a dental practice provides. What does your practice specialize in? Does it specialize in cosmetic dentistry, kids’ dentistry? Ensure your website has a page for every dental service as these can be used as landing pages as part of your google search results. Ensure that all of your services are not crammed on a single page. Be clear about the service you offer and ensure it answers these questions; who the service is for, how does it benefit patients, and how your practice will deliver the service.

Appointment Booking

Website users want an experience that meets their goals in just a few clicks. What is particularly important for a dental practice is the experience of booking online appointments. This area of your website is imperative because it is the trigger that converts website users to a new patient. Prospective patients should be able to book an appointment at a convenient time that suits them. When an appointment is booked, the patient should be prepared on the next steps as well. Ensure they have location details, emergency contact information and an acknowledgement message to make them feel welcome.

Dental Blogs

Dental blogs are a vital tool in maintaining your position at the top of Google search engine rankings. Ongoing blogs that demonstrate aspects of your practice along with answering common dental questions increases your traffic. If blogs are kept fresh to meet evolving patient needs and questions whilst offering a unique dentistry perspective, then users become educated with the correct information. It is very easy for websites to offer erroneous information. Therefore, your blog content needs to be unique to reflect your practice.

Promotions and Offers

It is very difficult for users to click off a dental website if a prospective dental promotion is staring at them in the face. It’s also proven to be effective to bring in new patients. It is an opportunity to expose your services to a wider audience whilst flooding your user traffic. Promotions should be on your home page as an advertisement along with its dedicated specialist page. For existing and long-term patients who have been loyal to your practice, this is exactly what they want to see.


In accordance with these four key components, ensure information about your dental practice such as location, hours and contact details are visible and easily accessible. You want to ensure prospective patients contact your practice. If they do, this shows genuine interest in what your practice offers. Where your website offers valuable content, answers common patient questions and delivers a simple yet efficient user experience, your website will be unmissable on Google search results.

However, reaching number #1 on Google is not as easy as this. It stems from other marketing factors away from your dental website which you can learn with us.  Don’t forget to apply these 2020 dental marketing trends to your marketing strategy right now.

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