What Should Be Included in a Dental Website?

The user experience of a dental website is one of the most important elements of your marketing strategy to stay ahead of the competition. It is a vital cog to creating a great first impression to new users and prospective patients. 

To achieve this, there are certain aspects to your website that you must consider for a successful marketing strategy. A dental website can include lots of things. Ultimately, when building a dental website, the focus needs to be on the patient. If you were a prospective patient, what exactly would you expect to see on a website when performing a Google search?

To answer this and the question of what should be included on a dental website, below outlines some of the key features that should be included:  

Dental SEO

If your website and its content aren’t optimized with dense SEO, you won’t be recognized on top of the Google search engine rankings. Whether you build your marketing strategy yourself or through a marketing agency, your website needs to be searchable, and the results must reflect how strong your SEO is. Rich keywords need to exist in your posts, articles, and blogs. Any older content should be refurbished and rewritten regularly as well. The bottom line is your content needs to be in line with key user trends and most popular searches.

A Page Per Treatment

Dentistry services have expanded ten-fold in recent years. No matter the dental concern, there is always a treat at hand. Having an optimized page per treatment service is advantageous for your SEO. For example, if a user types “teeth whitening dentist” in Google, having content catered to that keyword will rank you higher. This can equal more patient conversions without having to spend a single money on click ads.

Google My Business (GMB) 

If users search for your business on Google, you need to make sure that your contact details are searchable and up to date. This is particularly important for local search results. The kind of information which should be displayed includes operating hours, contact information, and a link to your website.

Online Reviews

To establish a strong reputation for the public, having a platform where users can leave online reviews is the most effective. Studies suggest that at least 72% of people read reviews first before placing a judgment on a business. Show users what incredible feedback you’ve received from your patients. Building trust is key to success. 

Online Bookings

We’re seeing a real shift in how people prefer to book appointments online. Patients would know exactly what they’re looking for plus, booking themselves delivers a seamless experience where they can freely determine the most appropriate date and time they’d like an appointment.

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