Top 4 Dental Marketing Trends In 2020

Simply having a dental marketing strategy in place for your practice isn’t enough to guarantee results. When developing a strategy, you need to ask some pressing questions to ensure that you’re getting the best out of it to yield outstanding results.

Marketing evolves at a rapid rate every time. Therefore, your strategy must do the same to maintain a high turnover of patients, compete with local practices, ensure patients are invested in your dental services and that your presence is felt online.

2020 has seen a rapid change in marketing trends. Answering the below questions will determine whether your dental practice is at a high-standing to yield the best results.

Let’s read on so you can ask yourself these questions about your strategy.

Are You Invested Enough In Social Media?

Social media has steadily grown into a platform of personal communication. There are many benefits to your practice that can be yielded from social media. Now is the time to become personal with users online. The social media competition is so high that you can easily be left behind against your competitors. Start researching the needs of patients. What are they looking for? What is most important to them that they seek in a dental practice? Be interactive by uploading content that asks these questions. Seek the responses and transform your strategy to cater to what they want. Keep this regular and constant.

Is Your Practice Identifiable Locally?

Local posting is an essential part of the strategy. Your practice needs to be identifiable to your local community. Otherwise, how can you expect to grow? When a patient searches for a local dental practice, Google stores a Local Pack with up to date contact information that is taken from local Google My Business pages. Your practice must be up to date on the list of web directories. Use Yelp, Bing and Facebook to name a few.

How Regular Are Your Blog Posts?

Blogging is considered an essential need for your strategy to improve your traffic and a user clicks online. When patients ask dental through search-engine, they’re seeking answers from reputable sources, being dental practices. Identify what the frequently asked questions are for patients and tailor your blog content to provide those answers. Covering patient needs in blogs will go a long way in improving traffic to your site and increasing patient conversions. Make sure your blogs answer the commonly asked questions with tips and explanations.

Is Your Website Engaging Enough?

When a patient accesses a dental website, they want to see engaging content mixed with a simple and effective design with easy navigation. People in general access the internet far different and more frequently than before. Users do not want to see blocks of content that they have to read through without any valuable information. Their attention lies with the answers they seek. This may be a form of dentistry treatment, treatment costs or any service promotions. Ensure the information they seek is upfront. Here’s another tip,  ensure your website is responsive through smart devices as well as computers. Learn what makes a great quality dental website.


Dental marketing strategy needs to be on-demand. It is time that you follow these trends and answer these questions. If you’re light on dental marketing knowledge, it is recommended that you expand your practice and hire a digital marketing assistant. Whilst you prepare your patients for their appointments, hire a specialist who can continue to keep your marketing up to date to expand your patient base.

Need assistance with your marketing strategy? Contact Smile and Grow now and let us help you yield the best results.

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