4 Ways Content Will Increase New Patient Leads

Google has become a trusted source of information and is used sporadicly for nearly anything and everything, dentistry is no different. This is the exact reason your website and SEO campaigns provide tremendous value in your business success – you want to be found when a user is typing anything into google that relates to your services provided and location.

What if you already have a website and are in the top position in your local area?

Well, you need to sustain those results and then focus on capturing new patient leads from neighbouring suburbs, this is where adding a blog can help deliver more new patient leads.

Increase Your Websites Rankings

Creating educational, engaging content is a proven method to increase your website rankings. These same google rankings help boost your new patient leads.

There are a lot of things to consider though with your dental blog. What topics you focus on? what type of patients will you be trying to engage with your dental blog. A blog is a brilliant way to engage a person before they are ready to make a purchasing decision, this is especially important when we are trying to target high valued patients looking at what the process is for porcelain veneers, or how effective teeth whitening is.

When you visit websites, you subconsciously end up using blogs and articles more than you think. Blogs often appear as the top search results for when someone is typing in symptom related searches in google or how to type searches.

When a blog has been well structured with seo fundamentals like headers, titles, descriptions, alt text and keyword rich content your blog will begin to get indexed more in search engines. If your blogs are well-written and engaging they will increase your conversion rates and connect more of your audience to your dental website.

Boost Your Dental SEO

Getting new patient leads to your website through unique and engaging dental blogs only occur when your patients are typing in search terms that match the solutions you are providing in your blogs.

You will need to use keyword research to fuel the topics which will help you create the most relevant content that will help people understand the best dental treatments and the processes involved.  Search engines can determine the volume of traffic your website is generating and the authority of your website will grow as a results. These blog techniques will help your overall website authority and boost your dental seo, helping you generate increased new patient leads.

Answer Dental Questions with FAQ’s

Dental practice owners should look to create a batch of frequently asked questions based on their experience of what concerns and queries patients have prior to undertaking a particular service. By doing this you will better connect with your audience and build credibility which will increase the likelihood of your new patient leads increasing.

Blog Tip – Make sure that you address at least one question in your blog, you should be providing a solution to this and empathising with the way the reader might be feeling.

Are you ready to build your dental blog?

Great, if not – then you can discuss your new patient lead goals with our dental marketing company and we can create a content schedule and optimise your website to grow your rankings,

Make the competition irrelevant with Smile & Grow dental marketing.

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