4 SEO Steps To Rank #1 On Google

Everybody aspires to be #1 on Google, but it is not an easy task to get there. This is particularly if you’re a dentist, where the competition for even first-page rankings in Google is high. Everybody has their own unique marketing strategy that works for their practice. Today, like any other industry, dentistry has a powerful online presence and it has benefitted dental practices to increase the number of patients and expose their brand.

Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a quick, one-time strategy that can be defined overnight. It requires a lot of stringent marketing analytics, activity and practice.

If you’re looking for tips to steer your dental practice right to the top of Google, these four tips will give you the foundation to start climbing up the ranking ladder.

The Four SEO Tips

Be Identifiable Locally 

Google My Business is now significant for dental practices to be visible to local communities and business. Therefore, keeping your dental practice information as a local listing is an essential strategy to become recognisable. Ensure your location is easily identifiable and that your contact information is up to date on Google My Business. Being identifiable through local map listings is also a great way to be exposed.

Optimize Your Service Pages

Ensure you have single service pages that provide valuable content of the services you provide to your target audience. Dentists can run into issues by adding a block of data which doesn’t offer meaningful information. Focus on keywords and ensure the service page content answers frequently asked questions. Such as, what service can I expect? How much does it cost? Outline how your practice serves the service you provide and be specific in doing so.

Be Open To Patient Reviews

Striving for 5-star reviews puts the impetus on the service you provide to your patients. Excelling service is likely to return quality reviews that Google will recognise. This only excels the credibility of your practice and your service. Always encourage your patients to share their experience on online platforms such as Google My Business and Facebook. This will help your practice rank higher, providing the feedback is positive, of course!

Evolve Your Content

Nothing is worse than an outdated website with outdated information. For example, if your practice’s service has changed but your website still contains outdated service information, how is that going to assist your ranking? It reduces patient views and degrades your website ranking. Ensure you publish regularly through two methods; service page optimisation and informative blog content, which you can learn more about as one of our five tips for effective dental SEO. Your service pages must also contain keywords that are relevant to the dental services you offer. That is why in depth keywords research is important. Google will then identify your regular website activity which only enhances your site ranking.


Google algorithms to rank websites regularly change and this is where you as a dental practice need to do the same to propel your SEO. With consistent and evolving content, core keywords, valuable service information in your pages and content that promotes user engagement such as through reviews, then it promises to promote your Google ranking. Launching a dental website is not enough. The quality of your content should reflect on your website to draw in patient numbers.

What also pushes your Google ranking is the quality of your website. Don’t forget to check out our four tips for a quality website.

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