How To Increase Dental Marketing

For dental marketing strategies to be effective, they need to be proactive. No marketing strategy will work without a clear and concise plan. As part of this plan, the marketing strategy must go through periods of continuous improvement to keep drawing in new patients and keeping existing patients engaged. Managing and improving dental marketing strategies are never easy, but keeping patients satisfied goes some way in proving how effective your dental marketing strategy is.

If your current strategy is in place but you’re looking at ways to increase its outputs, we’ve picked out five factors that will keep your dental marketing strategy effective and increase dental marketing results.


The Five Factors

  1. Quantity And Quality Content The target audience for potential patients is on social media, and your practice is more likely to be more recognised on these popular platforms. Your dental practice cannot afford to not be active on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Regular posts of your practice’s services can increase dental marketing and patient leads. However, quality and quantity are both important. Keep your content on social media regular.
  2. Promote Online Feedback – In this day and age, people who want more information on how well a practice is doing, or how their reputation is shaping to the local community look at online reviews and feedback received. Allowing online reviews is a creative method that many adopt to form a reputation for their dental practice. If your service and values are upheld with every patient, why not get them to show your brand off with positive feedback?
  3. Email Marketing Products And Services – Direct marketing has a key place in dental marketing. Through brochures, online offers and newsletters, these can be very effective to increase new patients and keep your existing patients interested in your dental services. They are also inexpensive to your marketing budget.
  4. Invest In Paid Advertising – The power of the Google search ranking shouldn’t be underestimated. Whilst Organic SEO is crucial to push your website up the rankings, paid search advertising solidifies your position. Known as Pay-Per-Click advertising, it is a great way to dominate the search results. Google Ads or Facebook advertising are some great examples of applying paid advertising to your strategy.
  5. Keep Quality Standards Of Care – For your strategy to continue to move in the right direction, patient response is essential to it. Therefore, for new and existing patients, maintain high levels of service. If your service is average, it’s likely your reviews will be just as average, meaning your marketing strategy won’t get off the ground. Ensure that from start to end, the experience of the patient is unparalleled.



If your dental marketing strategy has got off the ground, that’s a great start. However, what’s most important is how to sustain its effectiveness to keep those patients rolling into your dental practice. Reputation is key to a working strategy. Therefore, its not all just about the quality of your strategy, but the quality of service you provide to your patients as well, as your dental practice’s reputation depends on their experience.

Are you searching for support to increase dental marketing and your patient base? Contact Smile and Grow today and let us help your marketing strategy reach new heights.

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