7 Proven Dental Marketing Strategies to Get a New Customer

Dental practices should understand the importance of patient marketing. It brings in new patients and can also help to strengthen ties with existing ones. Marketing is essential if you want your practice’s success rate to soar.

Dental practices should combine the most effective dental marketing strategies they can find to attract more patients and increase revenue. Here are some popular methods that are proven effective in this area.

1. Establish a Social Media Community

Social media can help you reach out and build relationships with potential patients and those that are already in your practice. Facebook is a useful tool that dental practices can use to connect with their patients.

You can make sure your patients are in the know by providing them with updates and information about your business. You can also collect feedback from existing customers through social media channels.

2. Get Positive Reviews Across the Web

Online reviews are highly trusted sources of consumer information. It’s important to create business accounts on review sites like Yelp. Once people start writing reviews about your practice, those postings should not just stay online but get monitored by experts who will make sure everything is accurate and beneficial for your business.

3. Offer Referral Bonuses

Make it easy for your patients to make referrals to their friends and family by giving them a business referral card at the end of their visit. Use referral bonuses as an opportunity to reward your patients for bringing in new clients.

4. Utilise Video Advertising

Video is an excellent tool to engage with your customers. You can share videos on social media and distribute them through other digital mediums such as email campaigns or blog posts.

Your videos must be genuine and reflect the work you do in real life. You should create content showcasing your practice so people can see how it looks from a patient’s perspective.

5. Step Up Your Email Marketing Campaign with Automation

You can use email automation to send new patient surveys, birthday emails and holiday greetings. You can also create promotional campaigns for your practice so that your clients are constantly updated with the best times to make an appointment.

6. Focus on Local SEO and Your Community

Local SEO is a top priority for dentists. You need to be able to reach potential patients when they search for terms like “dentist near me?” If you don’t immediately appear in the search results, it’s guaranteed that people will go straight down one of your local competitors.

With increased visibility within this area operationally speaking and on SERPS (search engine result pages), where users typically start their journeys, it’ll help you attract more customers right at first glance.

Another way of improving local visibility is through engaging with the community. This is an excellent way to build name recognition and establish a positive reputation for your practice. It also allows you opportunities that are available only in person, such as building meaningful relationships with clients who feel more like friends than just customers.

7. Improve Your Website Design

Your dental website needs to be visually appealing, responsive and mobile-friendly. It should also have a fast load time so that users can have an enjoyable experience on your site. You should also keep your web content up-to-date with the latest trends and information about your dental practice.

Seek the Help of an SEO Professional

Do you want to optimise your marketing efforts but don’t know where to start? Hiring an SEO professional like Smile and Grow will take the burden off your shoulders. SEO and digital marketing professionals are highly knowledgeable in the best practices that will yield satisfactory results.

You don’t have to learn everything yourself. Always rise ahead of your competitors with the help of an SEO and digital marketing specialist and find different ways to grow your dental practice.

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