How To Office Dental Marketing

When done right, dental marketing can be effective in bringing in new patients whilst keeping existing patients engaged and interested in your dental services. Office dental marketing requires growth targets and goals if you want your dental office to grow. These goals and targets are key to your dental marketing strategy. Your dental office could have the highest quality of service, but if there is no way to measure success, your marketing strategy or your dental office won’t be able to grow, neither will you find gaps in your strategy to improve.


With that in mind, we’ve picked out five key strategy methods that will help office dental marketing.

The Five Strategy Methods

  1. Dental Office Content Marketing – Patients these days rely on online access to your dental office. Therefore, your website needs high-quality content. If users are accessing your website, it is because they like something that they see. Content marketing is all about providing valuable information to meet audience needs. Also, quality content increases the chances of bringing new patients to your dental office. Content doesn’t stem just from your website; social media content is also vitally important. Keep them engaged with dental products and services your dental office provides. Most importantly, keep it consistent.
  2. Keep Consistent Local SEOYour office is located within a city, and your local community must be on board. Local SEO is an important strategy to ensure your office is identifiable within relevant directories. For example, where a Google search of “Chatswood dentist” is applied, you want to ensure your dental office is at the top of the search list. Local SEO focuses on your location and audience. Ensure that the dental office directory information is regularly up to date.
  3. Perform Remarketing – If new visitors are identified online, use your current strategy to remarket the process to those visitors who did not take action to book an appointment. Remarketing aims to grab their interest to convert them into a new patient. Tag specific people into your advertising, media posts and campaigns to show your interest.
  4. Update Your Content – Whilst it’s important to sustain relationships with existing patients, it is also important to create new ones. Where visitors open your dental website, you need to ensure the content is strong with quality, so that any queries visitors have are answered immediately. In this case, there is more chance of them booking an appointment with your dental office. Also, keep your content fresh. Write blog posts about various dental and patient topics and create videos. An informative website increases the chances of attracting new patients to your dental office.


Building relationships with patients should be the fundamental goal for an efficient dental marketing strategy. There are many ways to keep your strategy effective to improve your dental office marketing. Use the above marketing methods to get you started.

Seeking support with your marketing strategy for your dental office? Smile and Grow are on hand ready to help. Contact us here and let us get you started.

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