How To Make Your Content Work For Your Practice

Why is your clinic branding so important? Because it presents a look and feel of a business. Within a website, the perception of a visitor is what defines the brand’s reputation. The perception of your brand is formed by the content created. Whilst branding is important, how you market that is equally as important. To do this, your content marketing strategy needs to be solid.

To attract new patients to your brand, the content marketing strategy forms the foundation of. Let’s take a look at the key areas to think about when creating the perfect content strategy to attract new patients to your practice.

The Key Areas

Create Genuine Content – The most important thing is to keep content unique and original. It needs to be consistent with the goal you’re trying to achieve. All dental practices want to attract new patients, but the content needs to match your values and goals. If the content is genuine and speaks to website visitors, it’s more likely patients will go further and pay direct attention to your dental products and services.

Invest Time In Blog Content – Blog’s are an essential piece of content marketing and is considered the most effective to generate leads. There are a variety of dental topics that can be written about. However, it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. Prospective or existing patients and website visitors alike visiting your website want to read the truth. Therefore, to maintain and build trust with them, make sure your blog content is trustworthy and consistent.

Identify The Audience – Once you’ve identified that blog content is part of your content strategy, who are you writing it for? Veneer patients? Emergency patients? Decide the patient audience you want to attract for your blog. In your blog content, refer to your specific patient audience to match their needs and wants.

Understand Your Keywords – Your target SEO keywords are just as important as the content you write in your blog, and who you’re writing to. Keywords are very important for your ranking. Make sure they’re specific to the content topic to increase the chances of a higher ranking on the search results.

Social Media Activity – When you’ve written your content, it needs to be shared. Post your content on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, where it’s more likely your content would be recognised by your ready and waiting patient audience. Where your audience has become attracted to your content, promote it by connecting with them. Address any concerns or questions they may have. This promotes engagement and increases the chances of your dental practice being chosen.


Follow these tips to produce an effective content marketing strategy. When people search online something, they’re looking for an answer to something. Ensure your content is ready to answer them. Keep it simple but ensure it represents your dental practice’ reputation.

Need support to produce effective content for your website and strategy? Contact us at Smile and Grow and let us help you get started.

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