How To Setup Google Adwords

How To Setup Google Adwords

Congratulations, you’re on the verge of setting up a successful google adwords to help deliver more new patients to your dental practice. Setting up a successful Google adwords requires thorough research, competitor analysis and strategic market insights to help you accurately determine the amount of people who are looking for a dentist in your local area.

More dense areas with bigger populations naturally result in more people lo0king for a dentist and if you’re based in an area with a strong search volume you will need to have a bigger google adwords budget to meet the needs of the area. Of course you don’t need to focus on EVERY single person looking for a dentist, in fact you would ideally have a laser target approach targeting the more qualified people looking for a dentist to drive your ROI higher.

Here is an easy google adwords setup guide

1 – You will need to use a gmail email address to create an account

2 – Then go to the google adwords website to create a new account –

3 – Create an account which would usually be your dental practice name

4 – Create your Campaign – you may elect to have multiple campaigns

5 – Then create your ad groups – these might be made up of the different services you would like to target so you cant create dedicated landing pages, ad copy and tracking

6 – Add the keywords you would like to target – you can also choose negative matched phrases too so you can remove keywords such as “free” “hospital” “no gap”

7 – Create the ad copy and site extensions

8 – Submit a daily budget you are happy to invest in

9 – SUBMIT – Now Google will review the campaign to ensure that the campaign is following it’s guidelines and will be live within 24-48 hours.

Now, measuring the impact of the campaign begins, you should allow for 6-8 weeks for the campaign to build maturity and gather data so you can draw out insights for a reasonable data sample.

If you require support when creating your Google Adwords campaign contact our Google partner team today.

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