Google Ads For Dentists

Revenue is always important for any business, but using Google Ads is probably even more important to help maximize it. To get your money’s worth, boast a strong return-on-investment (ROI) through Google Ads for dentists.

Its easy!

So, what are Google Ads? Google Ads is an online advertising Google platform that allows you to advertise your business services through keywords through a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) model. This means marketers compete amongst each other to make bids on a specific keyword on Google. The way it works is when a user searches for a keyword, the results appear on the search engine pages which executes a paid advertisement that’s targeted for that keyword.

For example, if you type in “teeth whitening”, the results will return with “Ad” at the top of the post with those businesses that operate with Google AdWords. When spending money on Ads, it will help businesses discover the keywords that convert the best.

Although, this doesn’t mean that Google Ads for dentists will always be located at the top of the search engine rankings on Google.

The bids you place are considered “maximum bids”, meaning what you’re willing to pay for an ad. Google will determine the cost per click when you place a bid and assess your ad with a Quality Score to estimate the quality of your ads and keywords.

Basically, a higher quality ad leads to a higher position.

The Simple Tips To Get Started

So, how to get the most out of Google Ads for dentists. Well, start off by adopting some simple yet effective tips for maximum results!

Do Your Keyword Research

First tip: your keywords shouldn’t be generic. Your keywords need to cater to a specific audience who are interested in your dental services. If your keywords are too general, The ad will be directed towards an audience who may have no interest. “Teeth whitening” is an example keyword that caters to those who are interested in teeth whitening treatment. Ensure that your keywords are an Exact match for better conversion opportunities. For your PPC campaign, learn more about the different keyword match types.

Set Your Budget

You will need to determine how much money you want to spend for your first click. You must also understand the costs per click (CPC) for every keyword you’re bidding on. The amount of CPC is determined by three things: profit earned, Google commission and your conversion rate. Don’t worry about the number of clicks at the beginning. Only a few clicks at the start will ensure you keep on the right path.

A Strong Landing Page

A hidden tip to escalate the success of your Google Ads is your landing page. When a user clicks into your dental service website, you want to ensure that you attract new patients regularly by turning users into patient conversions, hence your landing page is extremely important. The landing page is responsible for turning users into patients. Optimize through consistency between your keywords, your GoogleAds, and your landing page.

Optimize Negative Keywords

Utilizing negative keywords is also important as part of your keyword optimization. Google enables you to specifiy those keywords that are not fir for your dental service. This means that Google will not show any Ads that do not align with your target audience. For example, your dental services may not include sleep dentistry, and “sleep dentistry” would be one of those keyword phrases to eliminate.

Treat Google Ads As An Investment

You’ll see a gradual upturn in revenue if the Pay-Per-Click model is maintained through Google Ads for dentists. Google will charge for this service and it’s important that the experience is optimized.

If you’re seeking support with Google Ads for dentists for your dental services, contact us here and we’d be happy to help.

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