How To Attract New Patients Regularly

Effective Strategies for Consistently Attracting New Patients to Your Dental Practice

You have got a strong patient portfolio and your patients are delighted with your service. That’s great news! Although, this doesn’t mean its mission accomplished. When it comes to marketing your dental practice to attract new patients, the most important tip to remember is sustainability. Your marketing strategy should be designed to attract new patients regularly, and there are many factors to this that you need to be aware of.

Patients can turn off at the blink of an eye if they see something as part of your overall service they do not like. Therefore, you want to ensure your practice and your marketing evolve to attract new patients regularly whilst maintaining your current patient portfolio.

Your patients are always in the driving seat. The service you provide caters to them and their needs.







For this to continue, here are some tips to consider to regularly attract new patients to your dental practice:

Deliver A Great First Impression

Prospective new patients will become instantly attracted if they like what they see. If prospective patients perform a google search, they’ll want to see your practice at the top of the rankings, they’ll want to see answers to their questions, they’ll want to see a practice pulling out all the stops to speak to a patient. Whether it be through your website, contacting users through email or referral marketing, or simply offering a great first service upon arrival at the practice, your first impression is essential for patients to return regularly.

Patient Reviews

Patient reviews help you to form a perception of the service you’re delivering. Do not simply judge this by the number of positive reviews, because negative reviews are just as important, and they’ll help you implement improvements to your service. The patient reviews should also be shared with the rest of your staff to encourage them to continue to deliver a quality service. If stellar reviews are received, prospective patients will see this online, and they’re likely to try out your practice. Recognize both positive and negative reviews. You can also use negative reviews to correct any concerns catered to that patient to get them to come back.

Optimize Your Google My Business Page

Location-based marketing for local patients is ultimately the first base to get the word out about your practice. Optimizing Google My Business is necessary because it helps you as a dentist manage your online presence across Google. Prospective patients will search for practices within their local area, and you need to ensure that your listing on Google is up to date for your practice to appear at the top of the search results.

Optimize Your Website For SEO

For your dental website to be visible at the top of your search ranking on Google, SEO is important to achieve this. An SEO-optimized website will ensure your web content will display higher on the search results, improving your chances to attract new patient leads. Google looks at your page and searches for certain indicators, such as keywords, images, alt-text tags, backlinks, unique content, regular content activity such as blogging, and more.

Use Google Ads

There is no shortage of dentistry services these days, and one way to target a specific audience with paid ads is through Google Ads. Google Ads provides a sense of control to your marketing strategy, giving you the ability to target future patients and convert them into regular through targeted ads. Read here to learn more about Google Ads for dentists.

You cannot just assume that if a patient has visited your practice, they’ll return again. A patient’s needs regularly evolve over time, and your marketing strategy plays a pivotal role in making sure you cater to those needs, and they’re highly likely to return to your practice. Alongside this, you want to also ensure you attract high value from your patients as well. Read here to learn more.

If you’re seeking support with your marketing strategy to attract new patients, contact us here today and we’d be happy to help.

Additionally, partnering with a specialized dental marketing agency in Australia can further enhance your efforts in drawing new patients and retaining them. Visit our website to explore our comprehensive marketing solutions.


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