Four Ways To Improve A Bad Online Reputation

Choosing a new dental practice if you bhave recently moved into a new area can be a difficult task given the options available. It is also difficult for somebody who is visiting a dentist for the first time. Ultimately, it is one of the most important steps. This puts your dental practice’ reputation in the spotlight straightaway. When somebody searches for a dental practice, they will likely judge your reputation based on online reviews, your website content and the type of dental services your practice delivers.

A number of high ratings equal patients choosing your practice, it is that simple. Although, stepping up the ladder to become a reputable dental practice so patients are in a position to choose your practice over others requires reputation management.

Below outlines some of the marketing methods you can implement in your marketing strategy to boost your online reputation even further:

Review Your Current Strategy

Is your current marketing strategy strong enough to become a reputable dental practice? How do you find this out? It is recommended that you hire a dental marketing assistant to review your current marketing strategy. They can perform the essential checks to your strategy and provide valuable insight. You can also help by searching for your dental practice on Google and locate on the first page of the search results. If your practice is lower than you thought, there is definitely room for improvement.

Social Media Marketing

Are you regularly active on social media? How regular are your posts? If your social media page is outdated, lazy and without fresh content, this will reflect the reputation of your practice. For years, dentists have relied on word-of-mouth to help build their practice and reputation. Now, audiences sit online and are highly likely to judge your reputation based on your online activity, notably social media. Keep your content fresh, update audiences with products, services and offers, and regularly communicate with audiences that respond with comments.

Build Credibility With Feedback

No matter whether the feedback you receive is positive or negative, feedback builds credibility. We’ve mentioned how negative reviews can help your practice, but positive feedback boosts your position on Google rankings and builds your reputation as a practice that values feedback from online audiences. Patient experiences are key for other prospective patients to choose your practice, and positive experiences only enhance your reputation as a popular practice amongst patients. This is also likely to bring in new patients.

Share Your Knowledge

As a dentist, sharing your knowledge about dentistry is essential in keeping prospective patients engaged. With the vast amounts of misinformation portrayed online, you can take advantage of sharing reputable and correct information relating to dentistry. You’re more likely to build trust with your audience in this way and, ultimately, increase your patient base. You can share your knowledge in the form of informative blogs and set an information trend by reporting on the latest hot dentistry topics from the perspective of you and your knowledge.


There are many benefits to building a solid online reputation. Read these tips towards a strong online reputation. Reputation management for your dental practice is an essential part of dental marketing. It is also one of the most delicate, where one negative review can damage years of building a positive reputation. Although, this doesn’t mean it is the end of the world. Being skilled in turning negative reviews into a positive only enhances your credibility and shows care and appreciation for the feedback received. To summarise, be informative, communicative and active online at all times to be recognised on Google.

Do you need support with your online reputation? Contact us at Smile and Grow today and we’d be happy to help. 

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