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Reputation Management can increase visibility, build up your practice brand equity, and help generate advocacy in your local community.

Reputation Management is aimed to boost online visibility and drive new patients to your dental practice by assisting the reputation of a business within Google. Online Reputation Management can be used for increasing positive brand and keyword content driven search results. Importantly if you're dental practice has a higher volume of positive reviews than your 3 local competitors you are more likely to be the dentist of choice with your stronger reputation.

We offer a complete management strategy to improve the amount of google reviews to help increase the amount of new patients and to boost your practice's credibility. With strategic content pieces aimed to deliver value, education and trust our PR team can boost your website, google my business page and new patient leads each and every month

Managing your reputation is an integral part of the marketing mix you should consider. If your local SEO has your dental practice appearing as the #1 result in your area but you only have 4 google reviews and 2 of them are 1 star, potential patients will see as the number 1 result however be less inclined to engage you due to the poor perception. A strong reputation management strategy will compliment the digital marketing campaign and increase conversions.

We provide a Reputation Management report that captures tangible improvement in key metrics so you can see the progress, benefits and competitor benchmarks. We also manage your google reviews and provide responses to both positive and negative reviews, quite often the way you handle negative reviews speaks to a consumer more than the actual review. Leaving negative reviews without a response gives the impression of neglect, ignoring these festers and promulgates the potential concerns. Our team can run and manage the entire Reputation Management as we have all of the software and technology and experience necessary to collect the right information and promote your practice

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