Five Ways To Ask Dental Patients For Reviews

What is the first thing that people check when they’re interested in visiting a service website? Reviews! As a front-line dentist, the last thing that is on your mind is whether patients leave an online review. However, there is much to gain from, no matter whether it’s positive or negative. Yes, a negative review is also beneficial, which you can read about here.

The rise of digital marketing and the exposure of dental practices online has made online reputation more essential than ever.

Whilst you’re focused on the service you provide as a front-line dentist; you now need to be mindful that your dental practice is likely to be visible to the public domain in the form of reviews. Reviews express to the online audience what patients think of you and your services.

Reviews have a significant influence on your reputation. It can destroy it or raise it, but to grow, an online reputation is essential if you want more traffic.

Positive Reviews + Increased Traffic = Highly-Rated Reputation

So, how can you ask dental patients for a review?

Let’s read on. We’ve identified five ways you can try.

Just Request Them – But Only If They’re Happy

If you’ve just served a patient for their appointment, why not ask them to leave a review? It’s that simple. Bear in mind, patients are more than likely to leave an online review when you ask them, but only if they leave the practice with a smile on their face. This indicates that they were pleased with the service and results of their appointment. Therefore, you can expect them to gladly leave a review if you ask them to. You should ask them in person as they leave the practice or send them a personalized email to your Google My Business or other related review pages.

Offer An Incentive

Sometimes, patients can lack the motivation to leave a review. Therefore, it is important for you to find ways that motivate patients to leave a review. Why not offer them an incentive in exchange for a review? Some of the incentive options can include a free dental check-up, free dental equipment or a voucher that can be used as a credit to pay for their next appointment. These are just examples. As a dentist, you will know what will motivate them more than anything.

Pop-Up Advertising

Pop-up ads are a form of online advertising employed by dental practices and have proven to be incredibly effective. When patients access your dental website, the first thing that they will see is a pop-up and this can contain the incentive of asking them to leave a review, particularly as an existing patient. You will need to ensure your marketing strategy evaluates the results of your advert to determine how much traffic was received from the pop-up.

Review Automation Process

There are a variety of online reputation management services available that allow you to automate patient emails. These services help to drive public opinion about a business and its services. It is a great way to maintain your reputation that drives customer service and manage positive and negative reviews alike. Send follow-up emails to patients and include a review link to the website or related business pages (such as Google My Business).



Online reviews matter and they are even more essential to growing your online reputation and brand. The level of positive reviews convinces prospective patients to choose your practice ahead of another. Therefore, when serving as a front-line dentist, be mindful that your reputation is on the line. Ensure you deliver value to your patients in their service so they walk away happy and, subsequently, are more likely to leave excellent feedback. You can read more here on why a strong online reputation is important.

Do you need support with your patient reviews? Contact us at Smile and Grow today and we’d be glad to help.

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