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The dental services market is expanding rapidly and the role of a dental assistant is never more important than it is today. Dental assistants are now considered essential to the background duties of a dental practice. Whilst the frontline dentist is in charge of serving patients with their appointments, a dental assistant may have other roles and responsibilities alongside supporting the frontline dentist. This includes the management of the dental marketing strategy.

Promoting dental practice alongside managing patient needs and undertaking appointments is a difficult task. Dentists are not marketing experts either. Therefore, one of the key directions to success is to employ a dental assistant who is knowledgeable within the field of dental marketing. The disadvantage of not managing the marketing side of dental practice is worn-out strategies that are no longer working.

Therefore, promoting dental assistant marketing is hugely beneficial to keep new and existing patients engaged and satisfied. Here are five reasons why dental assistant marketing is now important.


The Five Reasons

  1. Your Strategy Is In Good Hands – Hiring a dental assistant marketing expert can only tick benefit boxes. Generating new patients requires sustainable growth that stems from an effective marketing strategy. Dental assistant marketers will have all the skills necessary to keep the marketing side of the dental practice up to date. They will know all about communication channels, keep content fresh and advertising to achieve results.
  2. Focus On Patient Needs – The benefit of the dentist is to strictly focus on patient appointments and their oral health needs. The dentist will also continue to enhance the practice’s reputation by making sure patients leave the practice satisfied with the service they’ve received.
  3. Managing Budgets – The dentist doesn’t need to worry about spending on outdated marketing strategies. The dental assistant will have all the insight necessary to manage budget and expenses whilst maximising strategy. Therefore, the dental assistant will be able to identify approaches to cut costs on a strategy without affecting quality.
  4. Keep Traffic Flowing – With creative marketing, the dental assistant will manage the influx of traffic to increase the online presence of the dental practice. These are paramount to marketing success, and a skilled dental assistant will uphold these marketing needs.
  5. Upscale Dentistry Treatments – If the influx of new patients continues and existing patients are happy with your practice, you will enjoy an increase in revenue. You can use this revenue to spend on new dental equipment to achieve quality oral health results. You may also consider using the extra revenue to introduce new dentistry treatments such as sleep apnea and sedation dentistry. This can open a brand new audience channel.



Hiring a dental assistant delivers a whole host of benefits. Most dentists do not understand the marketing side of things, but they are just as important as delivering a satisfactory patient experience. Instead of dentists managing marketing and patient needs which heightens the risk of poor strategy and service, a dental assistant is now considered essential to keep your dental practice at the top of the industry.

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