Guidelines To Improve Keyword Search Optimization

In order for your paid and organic searches to yield a high volume of results, your content marketing strategy needs to include effective keyword search optimization techniques. Keyword search optimization is a crucial factor for google ranking as part of your dental marketing strategy, where doing a bad job will make your content obsolete and unsearchable. Google will keep your content right to the last pages of your search, and users do not waste their time going through a lot of pages to get their desired result. It’s likely that users will have found the answer to what they’re looking for before that even happens.

Keyword search optimization needs to evolve itself throughout your marketing campaign by regularly uncovering new keyword opportunities to expand your search variable, meaning a higher chance of your content being recognised. This is known as keyword analysis, where expanding your encyclopaedia of effective keywords will lead to higher site traffic, conversion and sales.

Therefore, when creating content for your dental website, consider the following aspects as part of an effective strategy for keyword research:

Title Tags 

Your SEO keywords should always be included within the title tag to boost the chances of your content being visible at the top of the Google search engine results. A clickable headline is important for it to be considered reliable content.


There are all kinds of link types that should include your keywords. From internal links, inbound links, outbound links and navigational links, SEO is a cornerstone for them and yielding results comes from ensuring your links contains keywords.

Opening Paragraph

The density of your keyword inside your content is important, but this doesn’t mean you should cram a keyword into a handful of sentences. It is good practice to focus on keyword density, but a higher density isn’t always a good thing. You must remember that your first paragraph should have an eye-catching introduction with your keywords being referenced two to three times.


Users always anticipate images within website content to keep them interested. Images also bring your website content to life and your keywords should be optimized with your embedded images inside of your content. Images, when used correctly, will help readers better understand your article whilst providing you with some traffic.


Keyword use within a URL is another key ranking factor because it improves your website’s search visibility. Keywords in your URL also indicates to the target users that the information they’re expecting and searching for can be found within your content. Without any anchor text within your URL, it reduces the chances of your content to rank high in Google. A URL is one of the key elements for users when they’re searching and clicking on content links.

To Summarize…

Blogs, product pages, articles or guides. No matter the type of web content, always consider the keyword(s) that you’re going to include. Keep your keyword variety different and make them your lynchpin of content. Choose the right keywords with variety and relevance. The higher the demand (search volume), the better the traffic potential. But guard against complacency and ensure your content contains the right level of keyword density, and this guide will help you with this.

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