The Five Crucial Google Ranking Factors

It’s not easy to rank your dental website at the top of Google search rankings, but once you get there, you should definitely feel a sense of accomplishment. What’s so difficult about it? Well, simply the fact that demand and SEO requirements keep changing. Optimizing your dental website against five crucial google ranking factors we’ve outlined below will introduce the following benefits:

  • An increased traffic presence
  • Higher lead conversions
  • Brand exposure to a wider audience

Did you know that there are over 200 Google ranking factors? Google dominates the search engine industry by a country mile and dental website success is likely to be attained from Google and Google alone.

Out of 200+ Google ranking factors, we’ve reduced them to five. These five are significant and should act as key measurements for your ranking performance.

#Factor 1 – Backlinks

Arguably, you’re looking at the most fundamental factor, backlinks. Quality backlinks are links which point towards your website from an external page. Backlinks must be part of your high-quality content because this indicates to Google that there is value to your information and, as a result, introduces high organic traffic. Consider it as a vote of confidence from Google, because it indicates to Google that your content is trustworthy and reliable to users.

#Factor 2 – Organized Content

Not only should your content be reliable for users, but it should also be well organized and structured. This means that the content is easily accessible and readable as soon as a webpage is opened. You should ensure that your content contains headings and subheadings H2/H3/H4, images, embedded links and bulleted lists. Do your keyword research as well, and ensure your content is rich with keywords because your webpages are more likely to appear at the top of the rankings.

#Factor 3 – Google My Business

Establishing your Google My Business listing is important for local SEO performance. You’re exposing your brand to local businesses within your area. Therefore, when users search for a local dentist within their area on Google, your details should be listed at the top. At a bare minimum, ensure you’ve added your most up to date contact details, business hours and some photos of your practice location.

#Factor 4 – Keyword Search Optimization

As part of your content, as mentioned earlier, keyword density is essential so that your practice appears on page one of Google.

Follow these tips to optimize your content with keyword search optimization:

  • Title Tags – A title tag is an HTML element as part of your heading title that appears on search engine pages. Ensure this contains your keyword.
  • Anchor Text – Anchor text acts as a link label to another area of the webpage so the user doesn’t have to scroll down for the content they’re searching for. It is also known as ‘link building’.
  • Image Alt Text – When you add images to your content, include a keyword within the image alt text section, as this indicates relatable images to your content and gives visual context on what the image is about. This is all part of keeping content reliable.
  • Meta Descriptions – A meta description is an attribute that offers a brief summary of your webpage. The meta descriptions are usually displayed in the Google search results to increase clicks to your website.

Read more here to help improve your keyword search optimization for your web content.

#Factor 5 – User Experience

The final factor is the user experience. Your content can be strong enough to draw the attention of Google. Although does it matter if users click off your website without accessing your content? Your website structure, along with the content, is essential so that your content experiences a strong CTR (click-through rate) and Dwell Time, which measures the amount of time a user stays on your website.

Does your quality dental website contain these five crucial google ranking factors for a high Google search ranking? If your website is missing any of these google ranking factors, contact us at Smile and Grow today and we’d be happy to help.

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