Branded Marketing For Your Dental Practice

Create a branded marketing strategy that works for your dental practice is not easy. Due to the sheer competition that dental practices face, and the delicacy of maintaining a strong online reputation, it is becoming a necessity for dentists to build a unique dental brand that shines ahead of the competition.

As a brand, you want to ensure that a feature or a service is unique and distinct from other competitors. If your brand is not distinct, you’re likely to fall behind. As a dental practice, building a brand is not about logos and images, but the message that you send out to the audience.

So, just how do you create the perfect brand for your dental practice? As a dentist, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the values of your dental practice?
  • How do you consider your brand to be unique?
  • How can you engage efficiently with your users?

Understand who you are and what you stand for. Below outlines some key tips for effective branded marketing.

Create A Logo That Reflects Your Practice

A brand logo is a representation of your dental practice, but you want to ensure that the logo created links to your values that portray a strong message to your audience. When creating your brand, ask yourself; Who is your target demographic? What is your mission statement? How do you want this logo to represent you as a dental practice? For example, if you’re reaching patients who are seeking a cosmetic transformation, you would focus your logo designs so the audience appeals to your practice to get cosmetic treatment. Ensure your logo is visible online such as on your social media platforms like Facebook. Doing this along with other tips can help you attract patients through Facebook marketing.

A Consistent Patient Experience

The experience you give to your patients is what will define your brand. As part of your brand mission statement, if one of your values is to do with patient experience, ensure you represent your brand by delivering upon that promise. There is nothing worse for a new patient where they have high expectations of your practice and you deliver a service opposite to what they expect. This also damages your brand’s reputation. Read here to learn more about delivering an effective patient experience.

Identify Your Brand Speciality

Every dental practice will also identify its speciality to stand out. Dental services may be similar amongst most dental practices, but is there an ability that your practice can deliver better than your competitors? Your brand message should convey this. Is your speciality with kids’ dentistry, or cosmetic dentistry? Your brand needs to communicate this so the audience is aware of your speciality.

Create A Unique Selling Proposition

Your specialities need to be turned into a strength as a unique selling proposition. Along with this, if you were looking to sell a service to a prospective patient, how would it look? Ask yourself who your ideal patient is, what makes your brand unique, how your brand is different from the others, and why prospective patients should choose you. This will define what your brand stands for. Captivate the audience with it and act on it with the service you provide as a dentist.


Successful practices are those who portray a unique identity. Without this, you will be forgotten about easily. This is also bad news when retaining your existing patient base. Ensure patients view your brand with a presence so that they become inspired to choose you as a new patient.

Do you need help with your brand marketing? Contact us at Smile and Grow today and we’d be happy to help.

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