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Dental marketing has played a pivotal part in dental practice success in recent years and, in particular, social media marketing. Are you aware that social media can boost your dentist marketing? With over 2 billion active Facebook users, a study found that more than 50% of dentists globally have an active Facebook account for their dental practice.

Being active on Facebook is essential, however, the utilisation of how to be effective on Facebook can dictate the performance of your dental practice and an influx of new patients regularly. Your activity and social presence are what makes your dental practice stand out from your competitors.

You want to make sure that you’re actively engaging with your patient base and take advantage of the business and advertising capabilities to create the perfect Facebook marketing platform.

There are four key areas you need to focus on to achieve this:


Who Is Your Audience?

First and foremost, you must have a clear idea of who your target audience is and identify the demographic of them. For example, if you’re advertising certain children dentistry treatments, your target persona will be children within a certain age group. This then allows you to develop content on your Facebook page to advertise and promote certain treatments that children can relate to. Facebook allows you to post directly to a specific persona. Post content that is direct as this can result in higher return-on-investment (ROI). Additionally, Facebook advertising is one of the least expensive methods to promote your practice.

Keep Content Regular And Consistent

Being active on Facebook can mean different things. You want to ensure that you share content that is relevant and consistent to promote engagement. You should not sit back and wait for your followers to interact with you. Identify the most optimal times that Facebook users are active and consider scheduling content for release at those times. You must ensure the content you post is exactly what your audience wants to hear. Do not post outdated uninteresting content because that is a sure way of turning away your audience.

Show Off Your Brand

To improve your patient base, ensure that you’re “showing off” your brand. Make sure the audience you’re reaching out to become familiar with what your brand stands for. Keep a certain brand tone and personality across your content that engages with your audience efficiently. You want to ensure your voice is unique and isn’t similar to your competitors. Read here to learn more about branded marketing and how it can have an effect on your dental practice.

Update Your Business Page

One of the keys to patient conversion is making sure your dental practice is contactable. If an online user is seeking to contact your dental practice, it means that they’re interested in your services. Therefore, ensure your Facebook business page detail is accurate and up to date. This should include your address, contact telephone number and promote through other forms of contact such as direct Facebook messaging or other social media sites. You’re damaging your local SEO if your business page is outdated.


SEO-Dental-marketingA social media presence is an essential tool for unlocking dental practice success. Dentists have relied on word-of-mouth and reputation in the past. Today, social media is now a big part of a dental marketing strategy and is the driving force in attracting new patients. The audience wants to see that you’re attempting to engage with them. Focus on these four key points within your strategy and users will be more inclined to convert as new patients.

Do you need support with your Facebook marketing strategy? Contact us at Smile and Grow today and we’d be happy to help.

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