Dental PPC 101: A Guide to Running Google Ads to Get More Patients

It is never an easy task for dental practices to find more patients. Digital marketing is the best way to get more patients through the door. Email marketing and social media are great for brand awareness, and PPC or pay-per-click advertising has become the best way to reach potential clients.

Read more about dental PPC and how an excellent search ad campaign can be an answer to scale and grow the dental business.

Introduction to Dental Google Ads

Dental Google Ads is a type of online advertising in which search engine networks are used for displaying text and visual ads. The paid search ads usually appear for interested users who look for dental services. When the user clicks the ad, it takes them to the website, where converting them into permanent clients is possible.

When it is to dental PPC advertising, there are some best practices, but this type of advertising requires a unique strategy. Here, the focus is on high-intent keyword targeting and local search ads. Call tracking, ad extensions, location targeting and strong keywords are the main features of a successful dental PPC campaign.

Best Ways to Run a Search Ad Campaign

  • Keep an Organised Ad Account

If you are serious about running a search ad campaign, you must have a well-planned strategy. If an ad account is well-organised, you will have improved results to track and report, less time to give to account management and get reduced bids for cost-per-click.

  • Choose the Right Keywords

Choosing the correct keywords is crucial for your search ad campaign. Organise the keywords into separate ad groups if you have different ads. Identify the negative keywords to eliminate the irrelevant search terms. It will help if you run campaigns for the location-based keywords to have a successful dental PPC strategy. In addition to that, localised niche keywords can give you a better return on investment.

  • Optimise the Ads for Phone Calls

Phone calls can be free, whereas ad clicks cost money. Although getting leads for the website is essential, if someone sees the ad, the ROI improves as the potential client can call your number without clicking. Keep the process simple by making the number appear in all your ads, use a tracking application and run the call extensions so that someone can speak to the patients.

  • Identify a USP

USP, or a Unique Selling Proposition, is one of the essential components of starting a PPC campaign. The dental ad has to be attractive to the patients, but before that, you need to determine what makes you different and appealing. 

  • Give Importance to Landing Pages

The primary purpose of the advertisement is to make people click on it, and you can still convince people to convert if their work still needs to be done. The landing page is the best way to do this, which includes filling out the contact form, making the call, and even scheduling an appointment. Your landing page has to include information about the promotion and how people can benefit from it.

Let Smile and Grow Help You Get a Steady Flow of Patients

Over the past few years, Google Ads has become one of the most crucial marketing approaches for dentists. If you can’t focus on this aspect of your business, then you can collaborate with Smile and Grow Dental Marketing Agency, which specializes in developing the most effective dental PPC Ad campaigns for you. Smile and Grow comes with years of experience from real-life interactions and highly successful campaigns. We have customized strategies according to your dental clinic, patient requirements and cost, find out more about running a google ads campaign here.

For more information, you can contact us or visit our website.

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