Top 7 Effective Ways To Promote Your Dental Practice

Dental marketing is now a key cog that measures the success of a dental practice. In today’s digital world, if your dental practice does not contain a dental marketing strategy, your practice won’t grow. 

What is equally important is for your strategy to evolve consistently to marketing trends. For example, what patients look for in terms of dentistry treatments may be different today compared to two months ago.

To help you get started, there are a variety of strategies that can help you to increase your patient portfolio whilst yielding strong return-on-investment (ROI) as part of your dental marketing strategy.

Show A Great First Impression

Patients are more than likely to write a review online to share their experience at the dental practice. Of course, you’d want to ensure this isn’t negative. Therefore, from the moment they step into the dental practice, show patients a great first impression. However, equally, visitors who are seeking a dental practice are likely to search on Google. 

Therefore, show patients a great impression from the moment they step into the dental practice, and the moment they visit the homepage of your dental website.  This just doesn’t mean showing the services available for treatment, this also includes contact details, making sure the website is presentable, and other elements that help convert your visitors to patients. 

Be Present In The Local Community

When dental practices are opened for the first time, you’d start small by growing your presence through the local community. Therefore, you’d need to get your name spread across. Take steps to be interested and involved in the local community. Show interest in local events such as sponsoring a football team and be engaging to its people, even if they are existing patients.

Be Present On Social Media 

Social media is now a critical part of success for any business. It is a great opportunity to show visitors why your dental practice is the best choice. You can also do this by presenting the available products and services as posts such as on Facebook, but also responding to the online community should they have any questions or comments. Always ensure the content online is updated as well. Being engaging online is vital. 

Be Present On Google Business

If a visitor has found your dental practice and wants to contact you, how can they do so? Well, your practice would likely be searched online. Google My Business can also be used to encourage patients to choose you over another practice. Ensure your Google My Business page contains the vital information the patient needs to know, such as contact information and opening times. You may also want to share images of your practice as well.

Simple Navigation Is Key

It’s one thing having a dental practice website, and it’s another thing to keep the visitors on there. It’s simple, if visitors cannot navigate through your website quick and easy enough and search for the information they need, they will click off and choose another service.

Therefore, simple navigation is essential to this. Don’t overload your website with unnecessary information. Make sure access links are easily viewable and keep the information factual and small.

Be Present On Google AdWords

Google Adwords allows for advertisements to be revealed upon a Google search that contains relatable keywords. The results would appear on the screen and so would your advertisement! Google AdWords was designed by Google to help businesses reach online target markets through its platform. An ad is hosted on the page as the results appear based on a search, typically relating to products and services to a business, in this case, a dental practice.

With these effective dental marketing tips, you can now kickstart your marketing strategy! You may consider gaining support from a marketing assistant to help you build your foundations. 

Disclaimer: The content provided on this website is intended for general informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. Any reliance you place on the information provided in these blogs is, therefore, strictly at your own risk. We shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the use of the information provided on this website.

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