Tips To Attract High-Value Patients

Your patient base is your bread and butter for a successful dental practice. Dedicating a quality service to your patients shouldn’t simply be to increase your bottom line, but because you want to increase your patient portfolio and ensure they keep coming back.

Think of it like this, if you serve your patients thinking about your bottom line, you’re unlikely to attract high-value patients to your practice. It is estimated that 80% of revenue is generated by 20% of your patients. Of course, that is an incentive to improve on this value, but the base of attracting high-value patients is for them to keep returning to your practice due to the quality level of service they’d receive.

When patients visit the dental office, whether it be for a check-up or for restorative treatment, the focus should always be on the overall experience they receive. This will keep them coming back.

So, what are the factors that’ll continue to attract high-value patients?

What’s Your Ideal Patient Demographic?

You’re more than likely to have defined a specific demographic of the patient that’s returning high value to your practice. This demographic is likely to be someone who is committed to your practice and is more than happy to pay for your services. If you haven’t identified this demographic yet, start by categorizing your patients with a focus on certain factors such as age, years of service, income level and location. Narrow down this focus to tailor your dental marketing strategy services to attract higher value towards those patients.

Service Delivery Expectations

A key driver to continue to attract high-value patients to your practice is delivering the expected service patients expect. You’ve got to ensure that you’re delivering upon patient needs, making sure there is a breadth of treatment options that satisfy a patient, and even have custom services tailored to individual patients. Doing this will ensure satisfied and returning patients!

A Working Marketing Strategy

An efficient and strong marketing strategy is now essential for dental practice success, and one of the steps is to regularly evolve the strategy to meet patient demand. Outdated strategies will mean patients switch off and divert their attention to another practice. Once you’ve identified the high-value patients’ demographics, tailor your strategy towards them. Here are some tips:

  • Which social media platform should you target?
  • Have you considered pay-per-click advertising?
  • Encourage the use of referrals
  • Service patients away from the practice (answering patient questions, email marketing etc).

Identify What Influences Patient Buying Decisions

What factors do patients think about when choosing the dental service they want? Doing this research is important so that you know what influences patients’ buying decisions, meaning where they spend their money and what they look for before spending it. Determine these components and tailor them to your dental services, and you’re more than likely to attract high-value patients as they’d be more willing to spend for your service.

If you’re seeking support with your marketing strategy to attract high-value patients to your dental services, contact us here today and we’d be happy to help. Alternatively, click here to pick up some tips on attracting patients regularly to your practice.

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