Tips For An Effective Social Media Presence

A social media presence has never been more essential to dental marketing strategy than it is today. Social media is seen as a key cog in helping your dental practice grow online. It can help solidify branding, develop conversions and leads and make your practice become more recognisable to a wider audience. Because social media has been a recent phenomenon, you can be forgiven for still understanding how to use it efficiently. There are many challenges when considering a social media strategy however with strategic planning and a touch of creative you will be engaging your audience and building your community into advocates in no time.

To start with, all it takes is some understanding on the keys to unlock an effective marketing strategy. Let’s take a look on what these keys are to unlock those challenges.

The Four Keys

Who Are Your Audience?

It is not as simple as “dental patients” being your audience. Dentistry in general covers a breadth of topics and therefore, the needs of the dental audience may be different every time. Your strategy needs to be specific and dependent on the area of dentistry service you’re offering. If you’re pushing “teeth whitening” treatment, you’ll want to cater your online content to those who are a seeking white teeth. Be specific and create individual social media campaigns for each service.

What Are Your Goals?

Before setting your strategy, what are you aiming to achieve? Answering this question helps to lay the foundation for your strategy. Your goals should be sustainable so that you’re getting appropriate return-on-investment (ROI) from conversions and sales. Using the SMART process is a great way to breakdown the foundation for a successful strategy:

  • Specific – Pinpoint what the objectives are for success
  • Measurable – How can your objectives be measured? Set an expected result.
  • Attainable – Are your objectives achievable? Don’t overreach or be greedy.
  • Relevant – Are your objectives relevant to strengthen branding, traffic and conversions?
  • Timely – Set timeframes on meeting those objectives so you can keep yourself accountable to meet your objectives.

Respond To Feedback

Be actively interested in the opinions of your dental patients as they are an anchor to strategy success. Keep your engagement high online by answering their questions, respond to comments and include backlinks so your visitors act. This will increase the average time they spend on your website.

Where Is Your Audience?

Once you’ve identified who your audience is, you need to identify which of the social media channels are the most popular. You’re not only reaching out to adults; you’re reaching out to children as well. Snapchat and Instagram are two popular platforms for children. Facebook is great for adults. You must also keep track of your competitors. Study their presence and determine where the higher engagement sits.

Gain more tips on how to make social media work for your practice here


It is very worthwhile you employ a dental marketing specialist. One of the points of failure is if you’re running your own practice by keeping in-chair patients satisfied and looking after your strategy at the same time. Your level of service, quality and care will begin to slip and that’s bad news for the success of your practice. As a frontline dentist, your priority must always be your patients. Hiring a dental marketing strategist will help boost your visibility, attract new patients and grow your practice.

Are you seeking support with your social media marketing strategy? Contact Smile and Grow today and let us lead you to success.

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