Tips For An Effective Email Marketing Campaign

If you get your email marketing campaign right, there are heaps of benefits your practice will reap.

The Five Benefits

It Keeps Prospective And Current Patients Engaged – Patients are more likely to choose your dental practice if you keep them informed. Whilst at times it can be difficult to keep in contact with current patients, keep them up to date with monthly newsletters or service updates. Either way, patients want to see that they’re cared for, and sending informative emails is a great way to do that.

It Promotes Your Brand – The new era of digital has allowed brands to become more exposed. Promoting brand awareness requires reaching out to patients directly and attempting to build long-lasting relationships. They are more likely to become a long-term patient if your campaign genuinely provides value. This can lead to increased sales performance alongside leveraging return-on-investment (ROI).

It Helps To Increase Web Traffic – One of the more effective techniques in email marketing campaigns is to include backlinks to the website. This attempts to encourage users to visit the website to potentially convert. Also, consider communicating with blog updates or direct messages in an attempt to keep them interested. This increases your positive reputation and patients are more likely to share your content, leading to more site visitors.

It Presents An Opportunity to Inspire Referrals – Encouraging referrals is a great way to attract new patients. Referrals should include product offers to encourage them to provide a referral. You may be willing to offer discounts on dental services in return for referrals from new patients. This can include requesting a review of your dental practice that is publicly visible.

It’s Efficient With Cost – One advantage of email marketing campaigns is that it’s inexpensive yet just as effective. It delivers the highest return-on-investment (ROI) compared to any other digital marketing campaign including social media. Professional email campaigns do not take a lot of effort and sending emails to the portfolio of patients and visitors encourages better engagement, establishes strong relationships and is more effective for conversions.


Do not ignore email campaigns any longer. When the strategy is done right, it generates huge numbers for something that isn’t even as complicated or time-consuming such as social media marketing. Ensure the emails you send to make the patient believe they’re getting value. Email marketing is the most effective way to maintain the patient base, grow your practice and develop the brand. When used to good effect, you will outpace the competition and whilst enjoying ROI, also an increase in patients.

If you’re looking to get started on your email marketing, contact us at Smile Grow and let us help you get started now.

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