New Patient Tracker

Created by our team and exclusively available for our clients, the new patient tracker has an instant impact and gives your dental practice complete visibility around your marketing and front office ability to convert clicks into patients

Our new patient tracker is designed to increase new patient leads by giving you complete visibility over which leads are not converting into new patients.

As a Smile and Grow dental marketing client, you will have exclusive access to this amazing tool that can transform the way your practice handles phone calls, responds to booking form enquiries and ultimately improves conversion rates from people who are on your website into new patients.

Our outstanding results are due to our complex and tailored approach which includes a detailed overview to help you increase your conversion rates and track every single lead

Transparent Marketing

Understand exactly how many new patient leads you are getting and boost your conversion rates by drawing out the right insights with our strategic new patient tracker.

Exclusive New Patient Resource

Get ahead of your competitors with our bespoke new patient tracker so you can boost your leads and conversion rates. Transparent real time reporting giving you an advantage.

Boost Your New Patient Conversions

Wanting to generate more new patients? You need more than just more website traffic and higher google rankings. You need a complete understanding of how your practice can boost new patient conversions

Front Office Performance Support

The new patient tracker gives you full visibility over phone calls, online appointments being booked and how these are being handled by the front office

We’ve developed a new patient tracker because there is nothing like it in the market and practice owners need 100% visibility on the leads coming through and importantly the outcomes.

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Incredible digital transformation resulting in more high value new patients and improved conversions Achieved


Do you know how many new patient leads you convert each month?

Let our new patient tracker show you how many new leads you generate and how to improve your conversion rates

If you dont measure your marketing, how do you know what’s working?


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