Invest In A Dental Marketing Assistant – Here’s Why

Dental practices that excel in the service they provide for patients are the ones that are most likely to be recognised by local and wider communities. However, to be recognized, you can’t do this through outdated techniques like word-of-mouth and leaflets at home. They are simply not sustainable enough to work in an era where the online marketplace is where it’s hot.

Another concern from a dental practice that seeks to “go digital” is the time needed to focus on your dental marketing strategy after you’ve closed your practice for the day. However, if you’re a dentist and a marketing novice 7 days a week, it is important to know now. This will not work!

Eventually, you will bump into problems such as:

  • A reduction in service quality
  • A lack of dedication to both the practice and strategy, meaning your practice won’t survive
  • A high cost without quality results
  • A lack of time to focus on what really matters, your patients

Hiring a dental marketing assistant can make all the difference to your dental website. Ultimately, the trigger to a solid strategy that catapults your dental practice brand starts from inside the practice and the service you deliver. As a dentist, that is the prime focus.

The dental marketing assistant can assist with a multitude of tasks to support the growth of your dental practice.

Dominating Online Presence

With an effective dental marketing strategy, a certified dental marketing assistant solely focuses on increasing your web presence so that you reach the top. Not only this but ensuring the quality of your web content delivers value to your patients and online users. These are two sustainable actions that grow your practice.

Strategize Your Results

Creating sustainable growth requires stringent skills from somebody who is an expert in dental marketing. Sure, as a dentist you will learn what these skills are, but the execution is essential, and a dental marketing assistant knows exactly when to execute and implement these strategies to get the desired results. They will know about the advanced aspects such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content writing and so much more. Being direct and delivering value is what a marketing assistant will deliver.

Reducing Expenses

One of the key pitfalls of somebody new to dental marketing, or even if you’re a frontline dentist is the cost towards your marketing strategy on top of overheads you already cater for. The average dental practice spends about 6% of total expenditure on supplies and overheads. The practical and advanced skills set of a marketing assistant will possess the skills needed to manage costs efficiently to increase profits and reducing operating costs, such as through patient retention schemes.

Generate Quality Patients

As a frontline dentist, the one thing that will always concern you is the generation of new patients in order to grow your presence and standing as a reputable and trusting dental practice. As a dentist, you will enjoy these consistently through efficient marketing where the marketing assistant will focus on increasing productivity, generating revenue and delivering unique quality to online users to meet their needs. Ultimately, increasing a demanding online presence is significant to convert online users to prospective patients.


More and more dentists are beginning to appreciate the need for a dental marketing strategy. It is one of the more significant aspects of running a profitable dental practice. However, because marketing requires full-time attention, your practice is likely to fail without the marketing personnel on board. Let a certified marketing assistant that highly-skilled to grow your practice help keep patient numbers high.

As part of the marketing strategy armoury, a key skill is to transform negative feedback into an end result that delivers value and satisfaction to the patient. Read here to learn the skills required to transform your negative practice reviews. 

If you need support with your marketing strategy, contact us at Smile and Grow and we’d be happy to help.

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