How To Improve Dental Marketing?

All dental practices are now aware of the importance of online dental marketing and it’s recognised as the key avenue for practices to gain new patients regularly. For dental practices to be successful, the marketing strategy needs to be strong and efficient. To do this, the strategy needs to evolve, and there are many methods out there that can be applied to yield the best results.

If your current marketing strategy is struggling to yield the best results, feast on these helpful strategy ideas to improve the standing of your practice and against the competition.


Strategy Ideas

  1. Improve Social Media Interaction – It can be easy for online communication to slip to the wayside. However, the reputation of your dental practice depends on how well you interact with your community online. As part of this, some examples include making sure that online enquiries are answered appropriately, ensure FAQ information is up to date on the website and manage negative feedback efficiently to turn them into positives. This falls into upholding a positive reputation online. If your reputation is negative, patients will not visit your dental practice.
  2. Don’t Forget Your Existing Patients – Whilst you’re attempting to grow your practice with new patients, don’t forget that your existing patients are the life and blood of your dental practice. Keep them informed of promotions, offers and new services that they may be interested in. This can be done through email marketing campaigns. This shows patients that they’re vitally important to you. It is also a great communication strategy.
  3. Remind Patients Of Appointments – Maintaining good relationships with your existing patients is just as important. One way of doing that is to send regular appointment reminders for upcoming appointments and inform them of what they need before their appointment. It is a great way to keep them engaged and shows you care for them and their needs.
  4. Local SEO-Rich Content – To keep your dental practice on top of the Google search engine, your content must contain rich keywords, typically popular dentist items. For example, if you’re located in Chatswood and patients search “Chatswood dentist”, “Dentist Chatswood” or “Chatswood dentist near me”, you want to ensure your content contains a high density of these keywords for Google to recognise it.
  5. Refresh Your Web Content – Patients want to see a good first impression when accessing a dental website. Although your website may tick the boxes of looking professional, easy to navigate and informative, it needs to stay up to date. Hiring a content strategist is worthwhile who can advise on your content to keep patients informed and attracted on the latest dental trends.



All marketing strategies should be focused on putting the needs of dental patients first. Another important aspect to consider whilst building your marketing strategy is to compete against your competitors. Identify what strategic gaps are missing and see how your strategy can exploit it. It is important as part of your budget you consider partnering with a content strategist to understand the needs of your dental strategy and develop clear content to meet your goals.

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