How Dental Blogs Grow Patient Numbers

Are you regularly uploading blog content to your dental website? If not, now is the time to make it an essential branch of your marketing strategy. When users need information, the first point of call is to go onto Google and view trusted resources to provide them with the answers they seek. This also goes for dentistry. You want users to flood your dental website so they view your dentistry products and services. Therefore, the value your website provides to users is crucial to marketing success.

Offering value can start with a dental blog. The content that meets a specific need is what users want and blogs will give you a head start.

Start learning about how a dental blog grows your patient numbers.

The Four Blogging Tips

Increase Your Dental SEO

The only way a patient can find your content is if your website is identifiable during a keyword search query. If your blog content offers value, Google will see this. When you’re creating blog content, ask yourself what value you want to provide to your patients. This will generate increased SEO to your dental website. If your website content is valuable to users, Google will locate your practice as a reliable source for dental content. Your ranking will improve alongside the opening opportunity for patient numbers to increase.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

As a dentist, you have expert knowledge on everything dentistry-related. This includes answering any frequently asked questions. So why not make this information freely available to online users? The key benefit in doing this is your source of information will be reliable, improving trust between dentist and patient. It also improves your SEO value. Ensure your blog content aims to address the question or several related questions.

Improve Your Website Traffic

We’ve touched on how a blog will increase your website traffic, now it’s important to illustrate and explain. You may doubt the effectiveness of a dental blog. However, think of it from a patient’s perspective. If a blog contains helpful tips and hints to a dentistry topic, this delivers value to the user and in-turn will improve the hits your blogs receive. Unique content in this way will improve your google search engine ranking. Also, where users identify value in reading your blog, you can be sure of users staying on your website for longer.

Promote Your Blog Online

An important (and fairly new) way to increase user traffic and increase your patient numbers is through social media promotion. The vast social media platforms available allows you to target a different user base and promote your content online. The online audience is huge, and it allows you to interact with potential patients directly. They may even leave a comment on a page to show off the value and quality of your content. This will only expand your practice to more online users. In turn, you’ll be sure to increase your patient numbers.


Converting your wealth of knowledge to blog content will demonstrate trust from prospective patients who are reading from a credible and reliable source. Patients want to be able to trust the information they read and applying knowledge into blog content is a great way to do this. With a positive relationship with your patients, you’re more likely to receive positive patient reviews that grow your practice even more. Click here to learn how.

Don’t forget, follow our SEO tips to skyrocket to #1 on Google.

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