Five Effective Marketing Ideas That Generates New Patients

In this day and age, without investing in digital dental marketing, your practice won’t get off the ground and neither will your brand be recognised enough to potential patients if you stick with traditional marketing methods. When patients choose their dental practice for their dental needs, it is highly likely they will have done their research through online search engines and feedback from reviews.

If your practice hasn’t opened its eyes to digital dental marketing, it is time to do it now. Competition to attract new patients is equally difficult today. However, this is dependent on how effective your marketing strategy is and your reputation. To get you started, here are some effective dental marketing ideas to apply to your practice to increase your potential patient base.

The Five Marketing Ideas

Building Your SEO Content – One of the key strategic areas is ensuring your dental website ranks to the top of the search results on Google. The higher the ranking on your search, the better chance of prospective patients visiting your website. SEO stands from Search Engine Optimisation. For Google to perform the task of easily identifying your website, ensure your SEO content is rich with keywords and indicators to keep that user traffic flowing.

Gain More Patient Feedback – Generating reviews are a great way for patients to be attracted to your brand. Reviews paint a perception for patients to rank your practice amongst their choices. The more positive your reviews are, the more likely their attention will be directed towards your practice. Users constantly rely on reviews from other peers and it is vital as part of marketing strategy to determine how many website visitors can be converted to new patients.

Build Your Social Media Audience – Many marketing companies are taking advantage of social media. Your social media content is vitally important as it generates brand awareness, promotes engagement and builds a brand new audience. The power of social media is so big and it is important that your practice takes advantage of it. Generate powerful content through public and private advertising through the likes of Facebook and Instagram and see your brand popularity rise.

Email Marketing Campaigns – One of the more important facets of digital marketing is email marketing campaigns because it invests time in new patients and current ones. Create a series of newsletters or promote dental products and services to encourage patients to come back and book another appointment. Email marketing is one of the more effective methods to increase conversion rates. If you’re not partaking in email marketing campaigns, there is no time like the present.

Promote Local Listings For Your Practice – The local community is the first and most essential for dental practices to attract new patients. If the local community aren’t aware of your practice, how will the wider base? To do this, ensure your online presence is recognised by keeping your listings profile information up to date. Ensure your practice profile is spammed on local listings website such as Yelp, Google My Business and Bing. Start off by grasping the attention of your local community effectively.


Every dental practice aims to be unique to stand out from the rest of the competition. These ideas will help get you started on the digital marketing ladder and potentially attract new patients and generate more revenue. Traditional marketing methods are no longer viable. Go digital and go digital now.

If you’re seeking support on how Smile and Grow can assist with creating an effective marketing strategy, contact us now and let us get you started on your digital marketing journey.

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