First Impressions With New Patients At Your Practice

You’ve recently converted online users into new patients, and their appointment is due. You now need to nurture them into becoming a regular at your dental practice. To ensure you’re sending the right signals to the new patient, a first impression is essential.

Visiting the dentist for the new first time or switching to a new practice can be daunting and nerve-wracking. Look at it from a patient’s standpoint. They will expect you as the dentist to welcome them and make them feel relaxed at their appointment.

It can take almost seconds for a new patient to pass judgment of your reputation on their experience as soon as they enter. Do not take their first visit for granted. This is one of the fundamentals of strong reputation management.

Here are some tips to create a great first impression of your practice.

Run Your Practice Efficiently

A new patient is likely to judge how your practice is running. If they see that you’re running your practice efficiently and punctually, it is a good sign. When running things efficiently, you’re more inclined to handle an increase in new patients because of your enhanced reputation and how well you run your practice.

Create A Welcoming Presence

Dentists put a lot of effort into making sure the experience in the treatment room delivers what patients expect. Although, this isn’t all that patients expect. Do not forget to ensure that they feel welcome as soon as they enter the dental practice. Greet them upon their visit and ask them to wait in the waiting room until you as the dentist are ready to serve them. This helps calm the nerves of patients when they visit the practice for the first time.

Demonstrate People Skills

The way you communicate with your patients is all the more important. Speak in a friendly and welcoming tone so the new patient can feel instantly comfortable during their appointment. Patients are more likely to be loyal to your practice and are also likely to refer you to prospective patients to grow their patient base. If you sense anxiety from your patients, reassure them so they can feel relaxed instantly.

Dental Practice Hygiene

Hygiene is essential for patients. This doesn’t just necessarily mean disinfectant smells reverberating through the rooms, but there should be a hygiene policy to follow that promotes good hygiene, such as ensuring desks are tidy and their treatment room is clean. Also, ensure that as a dentist, you’re adequately prepared for the patient appointment.

Creating a good first impression will set the scene for your new patient as they’re likely to pass judgment as soon as they enter the practice. You will only get one chance to impress your new patients. You can read more here about how you can create an efficient patient experience.

Are you seeking support and advice in maintaining a great first impression for new patients? Contact us at Smile and Grow now and we’d be happy to help.

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