Sales Funnel

Marketing sales funnels allow you to create a strategic campaign for individual treatments to generate more high-valued new patients

Dental sales funnels are an increasingly popular form of dental marketing designed to generate valuable patients resulting in high profit treatments. Once we identify the type of sales funnel you’d like to run, we can then determine the demography, interests, locations and implement our strategy to target those ideal patients and drive them back to your website through creative funnels educating the user on the value of treatment and sharing the prices associated.

Dental Implant Sales Funnel

We offer a dental implant sales funnel to drive more implant enquiries to your practice each month

Veneers Sales Funnels

Increase the average yield of your patients with high value veneers treatments


Active Sales Funnels


Affiliate monitoring


Recruiting new affiliates


Selection of affiliate networks


Affiliate Rewards Program Management


Banner creation

Our case studies

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Integrated Smiles

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Hills Dental Design

Incredible digital transformation resulting in more high value new patients and improved conversions Achieved

Our sales funnel management team can establish a clear understanding of your brand, proposition and services you would like to drive more enquiries for. We possess the technical and strategic experience necessary to allow us to connect you with multiple networks, verticals and platforms to connect your selling proposition and value statements directly to the audience who are more likely to convert into high-valued patients

We believe that the key to a successful funnel campaign is maintaining a strong relationship with your affiliates in order to help build their trust in your brand. That is the reason why our expert team use innovative strategies and tools to curate the right content and target your audience at the right times.


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