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Wouldn’t it be great if your patients’ gorgeous smiles and enthusiastic word of mouth alone brought in future clients? While no doubt being a good dentist guarantees repeat business, that isn’t enough to stand out in a local area with a lot of competition. When potential patients can choose from any number of dentists, what makes them choose you?

If you look closely at successful dental practices around Australia, you’ll find that those who rise above the competition embrace digital marketing. At Smile and Grow, we understand that the mere mention of marketing can make some people uncomfortable. That’s why we do it for you so that you can focus on providing professional dental care.

We guarantee that our marketing techniques won’t go against your values. Our dental marketing team consists of dental clinic owners, just like you, who know what it’s like to run a dental practice. We pride ourselves on combining creative ideas that enable you to engage with new patients on Google and social media and form meaningful, sustainable relationships.

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Why Choose Smile and Grow Dental Marketing?

Let’s face it: When new patients want to find local dental services, they hop on Google or ask their friends and family to recommend someone. But Google operates using a complicated algorithm and a variety of digital tools. It’s a little like speaking another language. Even if you’re reluctant about marketing your dental practice, being passive about your online presence leaves you lost in the crowd.

At Smile and Grow, our team has more than 12 years of experience developing email campaigns and SEO campaigns using analytic reports and keywords that rank our clients at the top of search engines. We specialise in marketing services that have helped dentists from Melbourne to Sydney grow into the leading dental practices in their areas.

Here’s a sampling of effective dental marketing solutions we offer

We offer a range of dental marketing services to help you grow your practice, reach more patients, and rise above your competition.

Web design smile and grow

Website Services

We offer website design and website development that engage potential patients with valuable information about your services while maximising the chances of converting visitors into new patients.
Maybe your practice needs a revamp of its branding and logo design, or perhaps when a user lands on your website, something about the overall look sends them clicking elsewhere.
Our team specialises in graphics and user-interface design so that your website has a natural, intuitive flow. We’ll also ensure that it attracts potential patients with a clean, uncluttered interface, easy-to-find buttons and menus, and quicker loading speed on mobile applications.

Online Marketing

Without proper marketing, even the most professional website won’t guarantee that clients find you. Simply advertising on TV or in print publications isn’t enough anymore. That’s why we also provide local search engine optimisation (SEO) so that potential patients conveniently can find your Brisbane dental practice in a Google search.
If that sounds so complicated as to give you a toothache, don’t worry. We also have other ways to attract potential patients, such as a content marketing strategy, email marketing, mobile marketing, and social media marketing, including managing Google Ads campaigns.
Just like brushing and flossing are the foundation of good dental care, proper dental marketing is the basis for a successful dental business. It increases your internet visibility, helps your dental business outshine the competition, and enables you to receive a steady stream of patients each month.

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sales funnel smile and grow

Sales Optimisation

Imagine keeping your practice top of mind for those back-to-school cleanings. Other campaigns we develop could rank your clinic among the top dentists that patients think of when they want teeth whitening or Invisalign to look their best for a new job or a social event such as their wedding day.
We don’t believe in establishing a marketing strategy and then forgetting about it. It takes regular maintenance and adjustment—for instance, tweaking Google AdWords for specific campaigns and solutions. If something’s not working, why spend the time and money repeating it?
Our reputation management tools, online presence analysis, and other services give your social media marketing a regular check-up. We also provide call tracking capability to understand how your front office consistently handles calls to convert these leads into customers and overall better service.

How many new patients could you be getting?

Get Your Free Dental Marketing Brisbane Check-up

Just as dental patients need a regular check-up, so do the marketing and social media methods that you’ve established for your business. True, it’s not the same as spotting cavities, but faulty social media or marketing techniques keep your practice from looking its best, just like someone whose smile has grown dingy after years of drinking caffeine.

Even if you realise that the success of your practice depends on establishing relationships that bring back existing patients while attracting new ones, you might not know where your current dental marketing strategies fail. We’re glad to offer a free Dental Marketing Check-up to identify gaps in your marketing techniques and establish winning methods to generate leads.

Our proven digital dental marketing methods have helped dentists throughout Australia achieve wide-ranging goals for their practice using:


Market Assessment

The dental market in Brisbane is different from that in Melbourne or Sydney. Before you launch a dental marketing campaign or stake out your territory online, you need to understand who your ideal patients are and what they’re looking for in a local dental office. What services does your competition provide? Are there any solutions your dental clinic provides that other offices don’t?


Website Audit

Does your website have the proper tools to generate traffic and convert it into leads? We’ll analyse your site’s dental SEO so that you can see what keywords are attracting potential patients to your business. In addition to improving your dental SEO to meet your traffic goals, we’ll check out your site’s design to ensure that it’s usable and displays well across social media and mobile devices.

call location

Marketing Opportunities

Your most successful competitors likely have marketing strategies that put them on top. We’ll look at the other dental practices in Brisbane, evaluate their strategies, and discuss how you can implement some of their techniques to grow your business as well. If you’re one of the few local practices that offer a particular cosmetic dental treatment, for instance, that’s something to tout.

Have you been looking for a trusted dental marketing partner for your clinic?

Why Choose Smile and Grow as Your Dental Marketing Agency in brisbane?

At Smile and Grow, we understand how to make your dental practice stand out because we’re dental clinic owners, too. Yes, running a dental practice is a business, but we understand that your main goal is providing a valuable service to people in Brisbane who need dental care. The key is to align your marketing with your dental services so that you don’t feel pushy or shady.

  • X-raying what works: We drill down to the outcome of your advertising and other strategies, so you can spend your money to promote your practice wisely. With our help, you’ll be able to identify trends that attract patients to your website and your business. We’ll also help your office staff enhance their opportunities to fill your books.
  • An eye on results: Unlike other marketing agencies, our experienced dental marketing team focuses on the new patients that various techniques bring into a dental practice, not the number of clicks that, say, Google AdWords generates in a particular month.
  • Turning up the interest: If you provide cosmetic treatments such as dental implants, Smile Makeover, Invisalign, and whitening treatments, we’ll help increase patient awareness and desirability through strategic sales funnels to attract patients interested in these dental services.

Our case studies and testimonials speak to our agency’s success around Australia in better connecting dental practices with current and prospective patients. One practice reports seeing patient growth month upon month – so much that they’ve had to hire a second dentist!

Get in Touch with Smile and Grow Today

Smile and Grow is proud to be a dental marketing agency serving the unique needs of dentists who want to grow their practices throughout Australia.

Don’t leave your marketing to a simple website and the whims of Google. We’re glad to consult with you about how to heighten awareness of your business and achieve your professional goals, whether it’s booking more patients each month or increasing your sales of Invisalign and other treatments.

Our proven techniques and marketing solutions can help your dental practice stand out from the pack. Trust Smile and Grow to get to know your company, understand who your current and prospective patients are, and devise a plan for how to establish your business as a leading dental clinic in Brisbane.

Sign up today for your free Dental Marketing Check-up, or please phone us at (02) 9046 8484 to speak to a courteous and knowledgeable member of our marketing team. We’re here to make your practice grow and help you smile.

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“Our dental practice built a new website and initiated a marketing campaign to capture more of the market and stay ahead of the large corporates. The smile and grow campaign has helped us achieve this and we are generating over 150 new patient leads each and every month now.”
Sumit Prashad
Rise Dental
“Since creating our modern website we have been connecting with the local community through our google campaign which has been generating some great results.”
Amy Nguyen
Dental Owner at Wahroonga Dental Group

Questions Frequenttly Asked By Dental Practice Owners

Are you looking to improve your dental marketing strategies?

Let’s take a step back first, if you’re looking to improve your marketing then it means you have engaged an agency or freelancer to carry out some form of digital advertising strategy to help you boost your practice to gain greater visibility in search engines like Google or to improve the volume of new patient leads you are currently generating.

In order for you to make an informed decision about the next steps you need to take to improve your current marketing plan, you need to carefully evaluate what digital strategies you have used and what result they generated.

Below are some questions we frequently hear from dentist practice owners who share their frustrations around poor performing marketing campaigns and in a lot of instances this stems from initially building a sub-par website which isn’t designed to convert the website visitors into new patients.

Have you made your expectations clear to your agency?

What kind of results gives you a good return on investment?

Are you actually tracking how many patients your marketing is generating?

It’s not easy to know exactly what results you should expect however getting the right advice from a credible, trustworthy agency in the dentistry industry is a great way to start.

Below are some important steps we encourage practice owners to take to improve their dental marketing campaigns

  1. Conduct an audit of the volume of new patients generated each month across the last 12 month period. Once you have this figure, identify the optimal capacity your practice could be working at keeping available chairs active. You should now have your ideal number of new patients
  2. Identify what your advertising budget has been across the past 12 month period and divide this number by the volume of new patients you generated. It’s important to bear in mind that every practice will generate referrals, word of mouth and family members visit however if they have used your websitegoogle adsseo, social media to contact you we can still attribute that to your budget.
  3. Review your competition in social media and see how many followers they have, how often do they post and how active are they in Google – this will help you understand how active they are and in turn how competitive you should be in terms of budgets and channels of dental marketing to use.

With the above tips you should be in a position to improve your digital strategy and have some clear, tangible milestones to have to measure the efficacy of your marketing strategies moving forward. Remember, if you can’t measure it, how do you know if it’s working?

That’s why Smile and Grow provide a range of tools to help you track your campaign, from click to call to new patient to google review – we track it so you can be confident that your dollars are working for you.

Choosing the right dental marketing strategy for your practice is crucial, wasted time, effort and resources heading down the wrong path can be very costly.

Not only will your dental marketing plan now achieve the desired results, but you will also have lost the time throughout the campaign which has resulted in lower patient numbers.

We develop high valued marketing plans for dentists, so they can focus on treating patients.

We suggest you analyse the local competition and depending on your business goals implement a lead generation strategy and then a secondary strategy focused on growing your brand in the local community.

Local SEO and Google Ads typically form some advertising required to help generate new patient leads. Your return on investment from dental marketing will continue to grow as the campaign matures.

Social Media Management is the process of creating, scheduling, analysing, and engaging with content posted on Instagram and Facebook.

Our social media team are fantastic at creating awareness and engagement to grow high valued patients.

Use our reputation builder campaign and grow your practice online.

We provide both Facebook and Instagram solutions for dentist practices.

Dental Marketing generates value from the day our team initiates your dental marketing campaign however campaigns require time to gain momentum and the early setup foundation tasks do take some time.

We investigate the market opportunity in your target local area, understand the depth of competition and provide you with proven strategies coupled with clear expectations, so we are aligned on the milestones and new patient growth.

An important function of your campaign requires a content marketing strategy which allows our team to create engaging content to further advance your rankings and build advocates in your local community.

Dental Marketing campaigns become most effective as they mature, we advise clients campaign maturity is between 8-12 months which is when we can expect to dominate the rankings in both Google and Google Maps and generated New Patient Leads.

Dental marketing campaigns continue to generate value the longer campaigns are active, similar to weight loss – results can take time but the more effort you apply the better the results.

Looking to generate more new patients for your practice? Are your regular patients not coming back every six months? Do you have increased dentist competition in your area?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, that’s a completely normal feeling. Here at Smile and Grow we too understand the challenges you, the Dentist feel as we too are practice owners – this has allowed us to understand the true challenges faced day to day in your practice and how marketing can help you navigate. 

Getting more new patients for your dental clinic starts with having your front office answering the phone and handling enquiries professionally and applying some skills to help offer 2 time-slots to make booking a patient easier, once your front office is in a position to confidently handle objections from price shoppers and converts a high amount of new patient leads you can then confidently invest in digital services to increase the volume of new leads.

You can also list yourself on Australia’s leading dentist directory to make it easy for patients to find a dentist near me.

If you want your practice to have a strategic dentists marketing plan, then we need to start with a high converting website in order to be successful.

Our agency gets you on top of Google by creating quality content, producing niche links in your industry to grow the authority of your site and optimising the structure and layout of the website which helps your dental seo results and allows you to make the competition irrelevant.

Digital Marketing is the modern way to promote your business utilising digital devices like computers, tablets & smartphones.

Digital advertising allows you to target your audience when they are looking for the services you provide so you can appear at the right time to get new patients and conversions.

Once upon a time you would see your yellow pages representative once a year and pay $10,000 for a half-page ad and the patients would roll in, obviously, times have changed, users are savvier and you need to build a better connection with your community which is where digital marketing comes into play.

Practices that develop strong dental marketing plans are #1 in Google for a range of keywords, they have an active social media presence that showcases the staff, patients and fun things that are happening throughout each week.

The power of digital marketing revolves around the ability to boost your business higher than your competitors.

Many of your colleagues will neglect and avoid digital marketing as it requires an investment, time and resources on your end to ensure it generates a great result for your practice.

Digital marketing offers a much greater ROI than other traditional channels such as billboards, radio, shopping centre stands, radio, TV and letter drops.

With more traditional forms of media, the cost is typically quite high and doesn’t have a concentrated audience – for example, an ad in the yellow pages might cost you $10,000 – you are then relying on people opening up the book and wanting to find a dental clinic and then your ad will feature amongst 30-70 others in the area.

You can use Google Ads to target people who are typing in dentist + your location – this is a qualified search in search engines and with the right message and quality website you give yourself a much higher chance of converting this lead into a new patient.

If you want to know how to promote your dentist services and brand using online channels, tools, and strategies you will need to understand what digital advertising is.

Dental website conversion rates are improved by analysing the current website user behaviour through google analytics, google search engines console and other tools that track how users navigate on your website like hotjar.

Conversion rate optimisation enhances website performance by improving the amount of new patient leads generated from the amount of website visitors. Improving your website conversion rate will increase your ROI significantly and help your practice grow and achieve the business goals you have in place.

We have seen plenty of websites get to the top of Google but miss out on many conversions because the website doesn’t have any trust triggers, supporting case studies and images to break up the content. Without giving a website user a reason to engage your business they will bounce out of your website.

Website conversion rate helps all aspects of your digital marketing because your website is often the final destination in a users experience and you can use this chance to build trust, credibility and make it easy to book online or call.

Here at Smile and Grow we build bespoke websites with a strong SEO foundation so when our websites launch we can generate stronger rankings in a shorter amount of time. If you have a tired old website that isn’t generating the kind of new patient leads then get in touch with our team today