Covid-19 Dentisty Update

Covid-19 Dentistry Update

Covid-19 has had most dental practices remain open with skeleton staff to support emergency patients and relief hospitals. The level 3 covid restrictions have been announced to be lifted on the 26th of April, meaning your dental practice can commence seeing your patients again for most treatments.

It’s great to see things beginning to stabilise somewhat, however there are going to be a lot of changes and a long road back from here to ensure the spread is kept to a minimum.

It’s crucial for your dental practice to develop a communication strategy that clearly articulates the measures your practice is taking in light of the recent guidelines provided by AHPRA and additional measures your practice is taking which means you patients will need to adhere to.

Below is an example of how our dental practice owners are communicating with their patients.

  1. Create a statement outlining the level 2 restrictions and what kind of treatments are available
  2. Create an email marketing strategy and use the statement created in step 1. for email marketing so all of your patients can understand that you are open and there to provide a wider range of dental treatments as of Monday the 27th of April
  3. Create a banner message on your website to help alert people about the additional measures you are taking so upon coming in for their appointment they can comply with any additional changes you are taking. For example, limiting the amount of patients in a waiting room.
  4. Engage patients who were due to come in for a regular check up and clean in March and April and send them a reminder about their appointment outlining that they are now able to come in for their check up and clean.

If you would like to see more information about how to navigate your practice through this unprecedented times then click here and see how you can help your dental practice come out of this with a stronger digital footprint.

As a dental practice owner you have most likely been seeing emergency only patients over the past month and launching back into a busy schedule will take some time, however we encourage all practice owners to communicate clearly about the changes and updates as they come through and recognise that some of their marketing channels like seo and social media still require attention and effort because without investing through hard times, you won’t be yielding the benefits of new patient leads when things normalise.

If you would like a tailored dental marketing plan to help communicate with your community then get in touch with our exclusive dental marketing agency.

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